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  1. Marek

    50 gallons of Hard Cider in a barrel

    So I just finished talking with the local apple orchard in town, and I'm going to be buying a "package" they have for sale. It's a used 50 gallon whiskey barrel filled with fresh cider. Now comes the questions do I ferment it using the wild yeasts already in it? How long will it...
  2. Marek

    No bubbles?

    So I just brewed Chris Night's Blonde Ale, my second time with this recipe. It went into the fermenter Saturday and I have yet to see a bubble in the airlock? I opened the lid to take a look inside and I see action going on. But no bubbles. Should I be worried?
  3. Marek

    First AG problem..

    So I brewed my first AG blond ale 2 days ago, the only problem I had was finding a fermenter big enough for it, I couldn't find any buckets so I used this food safe container that holds 6 gallons and I'm making 5.5 I probably should have waited and just gotten a bigger bucket but I rushed...