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  1. Capslock118

    When fermenting, should i follow the yeast bags instructions or the receipies?

    Hi, I'm brewing my first lager, it's an oktoberfest (this one). The recipe said to ferment at 50 degrees but the wyeast package said ferment at around 65. Since I'm only familiar with brewing ales at this point, i decided to let the fermentation start at 65 and then after three days start...
  2. Capslock118

    What stopper do you use for a thermowell for a 5gal glass carboy?

    Hi Folks, I have a 5 gallon glass carboy and a 16" thermowell with a 3/8" outer diameter. I put the thermowell within my plastic primary. That was easy enough since you can easily drill a plastic hole in the lib and put a rubber grommet in. For a glass carboy though I'm less clear. I've...