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  1. slerm

    Are perlicks really worth it!?

    Ok, if you have an existing tower and faucets then what do you need to do to upgrade? Can you use existing shanks and everything else? Is it an easy upgrade? Any threads out there on that? Or is it no big deal.....
  2. slerm

    Anyone have this 2 faucet tower from Keg Connection

    Try had a good experience with them.
  3. slerm

    Oster 5.0 CF noise issues

    I have the Oster and have noticed that as well......It seems to be keeping things cold though.....not sure what the temp is but I ordered a lacrosse temp thing to keep tab.....will keep you posted~
  4. slerm

    Uncle Sam wants me to Keg

    I used these guys and was happy......good customer service:
  5. slerm

    Oster Kegerator

    I bought the oster and it came out great - I'll see if I can post some pics!!!
  6. slerm

    Oster Kegerator

    I'm buying the oster today.....anyone want to try to talk me out of it???
  7. slerm

    Oster Kegerator

    Tard - the sixels are the same as regular commercial kegs (D-Sanke's)..... Aer you happy with the temp on Oster?
  8. slerm

    Oster Kegerator

    Tard - I'm trying to settle on a fridge asap since the Sanyo can't be found.......does the Oster keep everything nice and cold? What temp would you say?
  9. slerm

    Sanyo 4912 Discontinued. What Now?

    This is the one I was talking about:
  10. slerm

    Oster Kegerator
  11. slerm

    Oster Kegerator

    Have anyone tried the Haier Beverage Center for a conversion? Dimensions look good?
  12. slerm

    Sanyo 4912 Discontinued. What Now?

    Has anyone used the Haier Beverage Center?? Dimension look good....