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  1. malnutriton

    Nebraska Two tap jockey box with stainless steel coils

    I am selling my two tap jockey box with 70 foot stainless steel coils. Shipping would be at the buyers expense. Also willing to disassemble and sell just the hardware without the cooler for $215. Again shipping would be at the buyers expense. Please respond to my craigslist ad...
  2. malnutriton

    Nebraska Sankey and Hoff Stevens couplers

    3 Sankey and 4 Hoff Stevens couplers. $50 + shipping for all of them.
  3. malnutriton

    Nebraska Set of Co2 quick couplers

    Haven't had any response to my CL ad so I figure I'd see if anyone here is interested in these. Add $6 for shipping and Paypal fees.
  4. malnutriton

    Cheaper way to add a second co2 line to your regulator

    Just received these from CHI Company and found them to be a great economical way to add an extra co2 line to my regulator. Just FYI.
  5. malnutriton

    Fliptop bottles and a Carboy (not mine)

    Not mine but if you're local seems decent
  6. malnutriton

    6 pass cold plate, Stout faucets, Regulators, and 5 way gas maifold

    I happend upon this cold plate and have no need for it. Its a six pass and appears to be brand new. I pulled out one of the yellow plugs to see if the fittings worked. It comes with the 4 fittings that are shown. $125 plus shipping (ive shipped one of these before and it fits into something...
  7. malnutriton

    Counter Pressure Bottle Filler w/ line kit, Paint ball CO2 gear, and other MiSc

    For Sale Guinness stout faucet $60 + shipping Two remote lines for paintball co2 setup, one with QD on regulator side. With tank shown. $50 + Shipping 50'of 1/4" ss tubing coil that came out of a jockey box. No fittings. $50 + shipping. Tap handles: Harp, Bud Guitar...
  8. malnutriton

    Jockey Boxes, coldplate, and tap handles

    I recently upgraded to a 4 tap jockey box with the intent of going up to 6 taps sometime but do not see it in the future. Time to clean out... Selling my 1 tap jockey box with sankey coupler for $100 plus shipping Selling my 2 tap jockey box with new tubing for $150 plus shipping...
  9. malnutriton

    Giant ss drip trays with drains

    I acquired two of these 30" stainless steel drip trays with drains. $45 each or $80 for both plus actual shipping. I know I've seen some kegerators on here that these would be perfect for.
  10. malnutriton

    Single Tap Jockey Box w/ Cold Plate and Drip tray

    I have a single tap Jockey Box for sale on the local CL. Prefer not to ship the Jockey box but might be willing to deliver to KC or western NE. I also have a stainless steel drip tray with backsplash and drain...
  11. malnutriton

    Paintball Equipment Conversion

    So I found a great deal on some paintball equipment that couldnt be passed up. Now i just need to find out what I need to get inorder to use it to push my beer out of my kegs into my glass. I have included the pics of all the equipment and would appriciate any info regarding what adapters i...
  12. malnutriton

    shanks, faucts, drip trays, and co2 splitter

    Here's a link to my CL listing. Was hoping to sell local but might be willing to ship the entire lot. Email via the CL post if interested.
  13. malnutriton

    Homemade Counter Flow Chiller

    Homemade Counter Flow Chiller. Made using 30' of 3/8'' copper tubing and rubber hose. Tested and leak free. used only 1 time then cleaned and stored. $70 + acctual shipping.
  14. malnutriton

    5 gallon rubbermaid mlt

    5 gallon rubbermaid mlt with 3/8 fittings and stainless steel braid. This was my first mlt and then was used as a HLT for awhile. Used around 10 times total. I got around 75% efficency and hold temp for an hour when used as an MLT. I was able to mash 14# of grain with room to spare. $30 +...
  15. malnutriton

    How do I rewire my window ac unit?

    I got this Frigidaire 10,000 btu window ac unit off of CL for cheap and want to rewire it so that my Ranco controler does all of the work. I have seen many of the builds here and have gotten a good idea of how to make it work but still want to make sure that I am doing it correctly for what I...
  16. malnutriton

    Polysulfone Quick Disconnects with Shutoff

    I have some gently used and always cleaned QD. Details are as follows: 6 - Polysulfone Quick Disconnects- 1/2" Female Fitting with Shutoffs (Male NPT Adapter) and 2 - Polysulfone Quick Disconnects- 1/2" Male with Shutoff (Male NPT Adapter) Looking to get $50 shiped in USPS...
  17. malnutriton

    Low Pressure Gauges For Regulator

    I got a deal on a box of old regulators a while back and I am now trying to use some of them to make a 5 pressure regulator for my new walk-in project. Does anyone know where to find some new low pressure gauges for cheap?
  18. malnutriton

    Thomsen Model 4 professional Brewing Pump

    I ran into this pump by accident and thought that I might use it someday if I opened up a brewery...I am now catching some hell from the wife about the heap of stuff I have aquired for my "Brewery" someday. Needless to say "Happy Wife = Happy Life" so I want to get rid of it to someone here...
  19. malnutriton

    What Kind of Funk (infection) Do I have?

    I got an infection problem in the last 5 batches that I just cant seem to kick or identify. Everything is the same in my process and I have viewed the other infection posts and tried those suggestions (change sanitizers, bleach everything, dry yeast etc.). I really want to know what it is and...