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  1. Travel_mon

    Vegemite in beer?

    Greetings. A co-worker just got back from Down Under and brought me a little packet of Vegemite spread. I've wiki'd the stuff and see it's made from Brewer's yeast, so then I began thinking about how I could use it in a beer. I'll ferment just about anything. So... Anyone have an...
  2. Travel_mon

    Potassium Sorbate & Backsweeten

    Greetings. I am getting ready to add some potassium sorbate to a melonmel that's dried out. My question is, do I add the potassium sorbate and give it a few days or so before backsweeting with honey? or can I do this all at once? One other question is the method for backsweeting. What is...
  3. Travel_mon

    Priming Individual Bottles

    Greetings Beer Fans. I've been kegging beer now for awhile, but I've been trying to archive a six pack of each batch either for personal reasons or for competitions. I've been using the Muntons Carb tabs, per what they say of 4-5 tabs per 12oz. bottles, and have been really disappointed with...
  4. Travel_mon

    Too Dry a Melonmel

    Greetings, I just racked into secondary my blackberry mead and it's way to dry. Typically I prefer my meads to be sweet. This is the second time in a row this has happened. As far as this batch goes, the OG=1.130 and 17 days later the racking gravity = 1.012. This puts my mead at 15.5%ABV...
  5. Travel_mon

    Mead Nutrients Confusion

    Greetings. I'm fermenting my second batch of mead ever. My first batch was a short peppermint mead that ended up really dry. The FG was 1.01. Pretty much all of the sugars were converted. Currently, I'm fermenting a sack blackberry mead, 1 gal batch. 4 lbs orange blossom and 12 oz. fresh...
  6. Travel_mon

    7 Days & 7 beers || Convert A Friend

    Ok, I don't have the magic potion of 7 beers for 7 days to ween someone off Miller Lite, but that is my self assigned lofty goal. It's a challenge, but I want to try and my friend would be willing. So here's what I'm thinking and I need some input, please help. I would like to provide my...
  7. Travel_mon

    Carbonating Cap on Growler?

    Greetings. Anyone ever make and use a growler carbonating cap? If so, any issues? I'm thinking about making one so I can keep my beer a bit longer than 24 hrs, even at 24 it's not the same. I'm looking for something a bit longer, yet I'm not looking to store. Cheers. Travel Mon
  8. Travel_mon

    Fresh Ginger Adjunct Question

    Greetings, I've made a ginger hefe in the past and used 1/4 lb fresh ginger, that I ran through a food processor. The ginger taste was rather prominent and probably too much. I added the fresh ginger in the last 10 min of the boil, but this time I'm going to mix up the ginger with 2 cups...
  9. Travel_mon

    RECIPE? Prussia Pride IPA || Rock Bottom Brewery

    Greetings, A few weeks back I stopped by a Rock Bottom Brewery for a pint. I tried their IPA and really enjoyed it a lot. Am curious if anywhere out there has an AG recipe or an extract recipe for this. I'd really like to give it a go. Thanks in advance. Cheers Travel Mon