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  1. nathanclare

    Total Pre Boil Volume Question - Leftover wort in Mash Tun

    Hey guys...I'm doing an AG batch and using a recipe from Austin HB that called for a 5 gallon sparge. The first runnings into the kettle totaled 2.25 gallons. I followed the sparge instructions and only pulled 4 gallons of wort to total 6.25 gallons into the kettle. The question I have is...
  2. nathanclare

    Broken Porter?

    Hey guys.....I brewed a honey porter on saturday and pitched my yeast about midnight that night. The boil went great and my new homemade CFC worked like a charm. I used a White Labs liquid yeast and pitched at around 77 degrees. The best before date on the yeast was SEP 26, but I didn't...
  3. nathanclare

    The Perfect Crush

    Hey guys, Picked up an old corona style grain mill the other day at an antique shop. It's the latest addition to my toolbox in my quest for the all grain adventure. My question is, has anybody who uses this kind of mill found a good setting for the space between the disks so that you get a...
  4. nathanclare

    Diamond Knot IPAtience

    Hey guys. New to this forum and there's a lot of great info here. I'm glad I stumbled in. I've got a Diamond Knot IPA (DME) that I'm currently working on and had a couple questions regarding it. First of all, I only had this batch in the primary for 48 hours because it went absolutely nuts and I...