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  1. alz28

    Texas Houston HBT Members Free 4 1/2 year old grain

    I was big into brewing for about five years and I don't have the time to brew now due to a lack of pure laziness.:( I can go on and on about why I quit brewing and still want to keep my equipment in case I decide to start up again one day. Well to get right to the point i am giving away about...
  2. alz28

    PH Meter

    Been looking into buying a PH meter. Lets hear some Pros and Cons of meters curently on the market. Or are the PH strips worth going with?
  3. alz28

    Refractrometer is killing me!!!

    Decided to do my first Stout this past Sunday a Southern Star Burried Hatchet Clone. During my boil I was checking my gravity trying to boil down to a 1.088. Well to make a long story short I boiled down to a 1.089 and started to chill my wort. After all chilling I ended up with a 1.079. I...
  4. alz28

    How far off the bottom and quick connect

    OK fellas lets start of with my "short" story. Befor I begin let me post what I need to know befor I tell my story so you don't need to read the whole post befor I get to the point. How far off the bottom in a rectangular MLT should my false bottom be and dose anyone know of a source for a quick...
  5. alz28

    Hole in my Concrete....LOL

    I have had a kegerator for over a year and have been home brewing since Dec. Well I didn't install the drip tray and now I have a hole in my garage under my fawcett. I don't know if it is from the erossion of the dripping of the beer on the floor or the acidity of the beer? If it is from the...
  6. alz28

    YEAST = flavor, but color?

    Did two 10 gallon batches of Wit two Sundays ago and I just racked all 20 gallons into the secondarys. What I did was split the first 10 gallons into two seperate five gallon fermenting buckets and added two diffrent yeast to them. I did the same with my next ten gallon batch with the same two...
  7. alz28

    Think I Bought the Wrong Cleaner

    Been using B-Brite to soak the Corny kegs and I just used the last of it. Hearing that Oxi Clean is about the same thing I bought a can of Oxi Clean "versatile" stain remover Free. Free of perfume, dyes, and chlorine. It really foamed up unlike B-Brite. Just want to check and make sure this...
  8. alz28

    Opinions on my recent bulk grain order???

    I'm brewing a Belgian Wit and I ordered my grains and hops last night and my oranger peels tonight thanks to another HBT member that found me a sweet deal on a lb. of bitter orange peels from Northern Brew. I ordered 55 lbs. of Pilsen Malt (1.6- 1.8) and 55 lbs. of standard wheat malt (1.4- 1.8)...
  9. alz28

    Bitter Orange Peel

    I just ordered two sacs of grain and a pound of East Kent Goldings to brew up a Wit beer. I was wanting to know if anyone knew a place to order bitter orange peels in bulk? I have a great place here in Houston to buy corriander at 35 cents a 10 gallon batch but the best deal on orange peels is...
  10. alz28

    Avtar Pic

  11. alz28

    2nd AG 10 gal Batch.

    Tommrow my Son, Btrother, and I will do our 2nd AG batch. We are doing a Biegiam Wit again. I named one 5 gal fermenter Belgiam Wite O ring Ale because while I was inserting the air lock the O ring poped out into the wort. This new batch will be called Belgiam Wit Weavle Ale. My grain has...
  12. alz28

    My first AG

    Hey fellas I haven't posted much on HBT but let me tell you I have been reading and learning alot tanks to all the great info on the site. I did two extracts when I was 19 and now I'm 31 and made a kegerater and thought why not start home brewing again. I did a extract to start off with then...