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  1. StoutattheDevil

    Bitches brew attention Toledo Ohio members

    So, say what you will about dogfish head.. But I am trying to locate a bottle of bitches brew in Toledo Ohio. They won't allow distribution in Michigan due to the word bitch being on the lable.... Again another post in itself. Bottom line my brother in law lost his 1 week old son 2 years ago...
  2. StoutattheDevil

    Toronto beer

    Hey all, headed to Toronto next week and have done some research into micro brews there. Just wanted to see if anyone had any tips on where to go downtown for a good micro since I will have very limited transportation and will be staying about 4 blocks from the cn tower. Hopefully all of your...
  3. StoutattheDevil

    Bell's Batch9000

    If anyone gets a chance to pick a six of this up it's worth it. I've been drinking bells for years and had a few of the "batch" series. This one by far takes the cake. Bells has put out some great stuff and I'm proud to have such a great regional brewery in Michigan, but it's nice to see a good...
  4. StoutattheDevil

    My cat wants to brew!!!

    So I have two amazingly cool black cats who live with me and my wife. I store my brewing equipment and ingredients downstairs on shelving where the temps stay pretty consistent . I recently bought a 1lb bag of priming sugar since I noticed I was out, and also had a 1lb pre-measured bag of...
  5. StoutattheDevil

    Off to Beantown

    Hey guys, me and my wife are vacationing for a few days down town Boston, and aside from Bosten beer CO. and Harpoon, we're looking for some good Micros and tap houses to hit that arn't too tool-ish. I'd love to experience Bostons best so I'm looking forward to suggestions that I cant get from...
  6. StoutattheDevil

    Mac vs PC

  7. StoutattheDevil

    Mac vs PC

    Hey guys, I've been hunting around for a good recipe program that will run on Mac. SO far all the ones I've found are for PC. If anyone out there is apple friendly and has a brew program to show it let me know! Thanks!
  8. StoutattheDevil

    Looking for a Good Cream Ale Recipe

    Hey guys, looking to brew this later today... I'm in need of a 5 gallon, extract cream ale that I'm looking to add some spices to to make a X-mas ale. I've got a clone book that I use when im looking for a base for a recipe to make some additions and changes to but I wanted to see if anyone had...
  9. StoutattheDevil

    Keg Search

    Hey guys, Im looing to try and set up a PICO style all grain system. Other than my local HBS anyone know good places to look for old kegs or decommissioned ones to do so, besides on frat house porches? Thanks!!
  10. StoutattheDevil

    ITs begining to look alot like Christmas

    Hey all... was wondering if anyone had any knock-out recipes for a good christmas ale. This will be my first attempt at a Christmas beer so im looking to try something very flavorful yet somewhat simple since we all know how the holidays are... Looking forward to responses... Cheers!
  11. StoutattheDevil

    Pumpkin stout

    Hey guys, We wanted to try to put together a pumpkin stout instead of doing a traditional ale or porter. I was going to just use canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices and just use a pretty basic oatmeal stout recipe for the beer itself. Any suggestions to a good recipe or any tips when...
  12. StoutattheDevil

    quick picnic tap help

    Hey Guys, i just kegged off my first brew and I sampled off a beer and needed a little more time. My question was, once I tap off a beer with the tap if I need to carbonate longer, how do I clean out the tap without purging it with CO2? :ban: I assumed I could just wait till the next...
  13. StoutattheDevil

    Keg putting in for vacation time

    Hey guys, I'm planning a driving trip for along weekend and wanted to bring a 5gal corny out as a surprise to my family that im staying with. Were going to be there a total of 3 days. My question to the masses since I'm am not well traveled on the keg path is: can I charge my corny for a few...
  14. StoutattheDevil

    CO2 tanks

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of good places to pick up used and or cheap co2 canisters minus the regulator and valves. I can get a hold of the hook ups and will shell out the cash if its a must but i didn't know if anyone has had an E-bay luck or any good links on a good set up...
  15. StoutattheDevil


    Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone has ever looked into copy writing any of their beer names, Recopies labels or Brewery names? I may be coming onto some very good very large equipment that I might start using in my local area to start making the switch over to larger commercial brewing. I was...
  16. StoutattheDevil

    Good Wit Recipe

    Hey guys, My wife and I have been looking for a good recipe for a Wit(Extract due to our usual time constraints) with some sort of fruit incorperated into it. If anyone has any they have used or any good spots to find them please share!!! Cheers!