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  1. bizmark21

    Too much cranberry - too sour

    I brewed a clone of my favorite beer and it has turned out a bit too tart. I think that this was due to the cranberry that I added. Is there a way to mellow this tartness out? I was thinking of soaking some oak chips in with it for some time. Suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  2. bizmark21

    Mead Clarity??

    If anyone could help me with this issue I would be very thankful. I made a batch of mead and when I transferred from the primary to the secondary I had some left over in the primary vessel. Being quite frugal I decided to save whatever I could and transferred the last little bit into smaller...
  3. bizmark21

    Wierd Outcome

    I brewed a high gravity ale and I am worried that it was infected. I fermented in a brewing bucket and had a bit of blow off through the air lock. Cleaned and sanitized the airlock a few times and left to continue fermenting. I transferred after a week of fermentation (Gravity was right where I...
  4. bizmark21

    OG on extract low.

    Started my sixth batch last night and ran into a first for me. I buy extract kits from my local supplier and they have never led me astray. I was doing a high OG ale and the OG was 1.062, but the recipe stated that it would be 1.079+/-. I did a partial boil with 2 gallons of water and topped...