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    Horizon Hops

    I just received, and planted, Horizen Hop rhizomes. If you still/repeat need some for a recipe, let me know. Glad to share once mine produce. email is [email protected] Steve
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    Making Pabst Blue Ribbon

    Two things about PBR 1) The south does not have the corner on rednecks. From Indiana/live in AL now. Have yet to find a southern redneck who has ridden around in July, with a hot 12 pack of PBR in the back of the truck, shooting groundhogs in the bean fields - and, YES, you drink a warm...
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    Fermentation/Yeast question

    Thanx Guys! Figured out what I did - AFTER I pitched the second batch of yeast. And yes, there was a very slight ring. And yes, when I bottled tonight, there was a good bit of extra crud in the wort. And yes, I DID take a SG reading - 1.012 - within 1/1000th of what I expected and the recipe...
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    Fermentation/Yeast question

    Made a low gravity (OG - 1.030) Scottish Ale. After three days, no airlock bubbles. I only pitched 7grms Coopers Ale yeast. Never used that small amount of yeast. Based on lack of bubbling airlock, assumed no fermentation. and No, I did NOT check the SG - I know - User ID10T! So - w/o...
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    Wort Cooling - Stupid question

    I want to improve my method for cooling hot wort. Currently use the ice bath method. I see all the copper coils that you can use to submerse in the hot wort and run (and waste) cold water thru. My question is - WHY can I not make a copper coil set, submerge it into a bucket/sink/cooler of...