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  1. HairyDogBrewing

    Any recipes for Heylissem Blonde?

    This is SWMBO's favorite beer. Brewed at Brasserie Val de Sambre in Gozee, Belgium. It is also sold as Abbaye dAulne Blonde. I'm going to brew a Wit for baseline and try a side-by-side tasting to see what's missing. Has anyone else tried to imitiate this beer?
  2. HairyDogBrewing

    Measuring carbonation

    Is there a way to objectively determine the actual carbonation level of a finished beer? I force carb in corny kegs, using the carbonation chart. But how could I measure the carbonation in a commercial beer?
  3. HairyDogBrewing

    Stupid grain bag question

    When I'm opening a new bag of grain, I can usually pick at one end of the stitching and the whole seam will unzip. I just spent 15 minutes trying to open a bag of Maris Otter. I finally got a knife and sawed through all the stitches. Do the British use a different stitch, or is there some...
  4. HairyDogBrewing

    Frost damage

    My second year mystery hop just got frosted. All the bine and lateral tips are black. The first bine had just reached the top of the string - about 12 feet. Has anyone seen a bine recover from this? I'm thinking I should cut it all down to the ground and let them start again. Any advice...
  5. HairyDogBrewing

    How long will conditioned malt keep?

    I conditioned 4 pounds of Pale malt with an ounce of water last night, with the intention of crushing and mashing it this morning. Then I came down with the flu or something and I can't brew today. Will the damp malt keep until tomorrow? I'm worried that it will be sour if the bacteria...
  6. HairyDogBrewing

    Bottle colonies

    Any idea where I went wrong with sanitation? I haven't seen it before or since. I use Oxiclean and StarSan. The yeast was WLP007 slurry from the prior batch. I don't think I washed it, just scooped from the fermenter. The beer tastes fine, but it's a little more carbonated.
  7. HairyDogBrewing

    Not another kraeusen attacks thread

    Dunkelweizen and WLP300. Shoulda useda blowoff tube.:o
  8. HairyDogBrewing

    Why do everyone spell Oxiclean with a Y?

    Just askin' :confused:
  9. HairyDogBrewing

    Is it time to bottle this Brett pale ale?

    The story so far: 8# 2 row 0.5# honey malt 0.25# aromatic 0.25# special B Mashed at 150F for 60min 0.5 Willamette 6.6% First Wort Hop 0.5 Cluster 7.0% 60 min OG 1.045 Pitched slurry from 1.5L starter WLP530 Abbey Ale Began at 64F and ramped up to 74F over 7 days Total 14 days in...
  10. HairyDogBrewing

    Belgian beer for dummies?

    I don't know whether I'm up to the challenge. So, someone, tell me: should I brew or GTFO? I recently discovered Corsendonk Abbey Brown Ale. I bought a case ($91 + tax) and I'm saving the dregs. There isn't a lot on the interwebz about it, but I did find one poster who had plated it and...
  11. HairyDogBrewing

    Coffee urn for HLT?

    Has anyone tried this? I've been heating 10-11 qts of strike water on the stovetop. But it takes about 45 min to go from 120 to 170. I'd like to be able to get the mash going sooner. Coffee is brewed at about 190 and served at about 160. Plug into a timer and presto - hot water when I...
  12. HairyDogBrewing

    Hops Direct Harvest 2008

    First of 2008 hops available from Puterbaugh Farms. :ban: Buy Leaf Hops - Puterbaugh Farms
  13. HairyDogBrewing

    Frozen yeast

    I harvested and washed the yeast (WLP001) from a blonde ale last Friday. I left the refrigerator door ajar this morning and everything that was touching the wall is frozen, including 2 of the 3 jars of yeast. :( A can of Coke exploded too. My understanding is that ice crystals can puncture...
  14. HairyDogBrewing

    First bad batch - Options?

    I brewed a hefeweizen 3 weeks ago: 6# Muntons wheat malt 4# Weyermann pilsner malt Single decoction mash: 60 min at 140, 30 min at 155 1oz MtHood 4.2%AA 60 min 1oz MtHood 4.2%AA 15 min 1 tsp Irish moss 1 pint starter with washed WLP300 It tastes really "off". Several things went...
  15. HairyDogBrewing

    Interrupted Boil - ran out of propane

    My propane ran out about 5 minutes after I added the bittering hops. So the wort was hot, but not boiling for an extra 30 minutes. I reset my timer to 1 hour after it reached boil again. Will there be any noticeable effects? Tinseth and Rager return the same IBU's for a 90 min boil...
  16. HairyDogBrewing

    What is the best method to purge with CO2?

    I'm going to rack into a carboy this weekend. I thought I'd run a cane through a carboy cap and push in 30 seconds of cold CO2 in at 1 or 2 psi. Discuss, please. BTW This site rocks. :rockin: Thanks to all the experts for sharing. And, especially, thanks to all the (other) noobs for...
  17. HairyDogBrewing

    Better than a bottle tree?

    I got some "GrassyPavers" Tm to widen my driveway. It's a plastic grid that protects the grass so you can drive on it. The cool part is that the holes are almost the right size for beer bottles. I can use about 42 out of 64 holes at the same time. I'll probably cut them down to hold 30...