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    New Kegerator finally.

    That temperature control looks awfully low. with the oster you have to relocate the temp control higher for clearance. When i converted my oster there wasn't a whole lot of slack in the wiring so i don't think you will be able to move it far enough out of the way to clear the top of a corny...
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    Which and where to buy faucets?

    I didn't check the website, they are the LHBS here in Raleigh. If you are hard up for them you may try giving them a call and having them shipped to you. i'm not sure what their internet sales practices are but they may be able to sell them over the phone and ship them to you. I just know...
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    Which and where to buy faucets?

    If your looking for Ventmatics still i just got some from American Brewmaster in Raleigh NC. Not sure how many they have left but from what i hear they are in short supply everywhere. I cant remember exactly but i think i got my tower setup with Ventmatics(2) for about $170. Google them if...
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    Best Craigslist Find Ever!

    Great find for you. what are you looking to get for the sanke taps? i'm interested in one or maybe two? of course local pick up. thanks
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    Best Craigslist Find Ever!

    how much do you want for one of those Sanke taps? By the way, nice find, i live in raleigh and have been checking craigslist lately. apparently i missed the mother load.
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    Oster 5.0 cf - not a good choice??

    There is a thread going on with this conversion, i got one and converted it last night. it was an easy conversion and it fits two cornies and a CO2 bottle. i had to relocate the temperature control a couple of inches up but in general it was pretty simple. See the other thread for full...