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  1. MisterLouie

    Anniversary Mead

    I vote traditional as well, particularly as a gift for aging. My first mead was with Tupelo and it got raves. I started an Orange Blossom this weekend. Sometimes a "plain" glass of mead is all that's needed, especially with the honeymoon theme.
  2. MisterLouie

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Sign me up.
  3. MisterLouie

    Pinot Noir Pyment Recipe Question/Input

    I'm planning a pinot noir pyment for this weekend (3/20/10) and was curious if you used the recipe you started the thread with. Any special notes? Problems? What yeast did you use? I'm thinking of sticking with the trusty ol' Lalvin D47 since I've had the best luck with that on traditional...
  4. MisterLouie

    new to mead and a rookie question

    Great question on long-term bottled aging. My previous batches were bottled in 12 oz bottles and capped. That's just about right for one sitting for me (and others I know) of 14 to 15% ABV mead. After gifting much of that and drinking the rest there wasn't any left for long-term aging. I...
  5. MisterLouie

    Question on aging mead

    Well said, so let me repeat it; "spices are optional" in Schramm's Fall Bounty cyser. With all of the dates, raisins, cider, and sugar in there I (personally) am hesitant about adding spices at all, particularly from the outset. Too many other flavors to enjoy and maybe not suitable to the...
  6. MisterLouie

    Question on aging mead

    I'm planning to make Schramm's Fall's Bounty cyser today, my first outing besides my traditionals and one braggot. He urges caution on the use of spices. For a five gallon batch he calls for just three cloves (and the other spices) in a muslin bag in the secondary until it is to taste. I'll...
  7. MisterLouie

    First mead, a few question

    I boil tap water if not filtering to get the residual chlorine out, but I'd been using spring water for make-up. I installed a Pur filter and have been using filtered tap water. I don't boil water nor heat honey. I use a six-gallon bucket for my primary. I sanitize it, take it to the brew...
  8. MisterLouie

    The Winemaker Shop in Ft. Worth - Out of business?

    You are looking north in Google Maps Street View. Turn around and look south. Exit Campus, drive along the eastbound service road until you are near the end of the row of shops. Winemaker Shop is on your right. They were open and well-stocked a couple of weeks ago.