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    Holiday Honey Ale

    Hey all, new brewer looking for some feed back, For my first brew I steeped some Crystal malt grain, added 7.5 lbs of LME, boiled, added one pound of honey at end of boil. Also added hops for an IBU 0f 25. Anyway, long story short, it turned out to be a great beer with an ABV of 8.5. Popular...
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    Your recomendations for second batch

    Well, first batch is doing well, and I am going to start my second batch this Sunday. My first batch is a LME, honey ale (Bare Honey Ale):mug:. "My Home Brew" store in Colorado Springs helped with recipe. What are your suggestions for my next brew? Recipes would be great. Extracts only. I...
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    First brewday, cross your fingers!!!

    Been so busy since I got my equipment. But finally had our brew day on 8/24/08. So here is how it went... Started 2.5 gal of water heating on stove in 3.5 gal pot. Steeped in 1lb roasted grains, removed just before boil. Added 7lbs light malt syrup at boil. Added 1oz bittering hop...