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  1. dilligas2u

    Banjo Burner

    Looks like I will need a new brew pot. I picked up a banjo burner and found out the ol pot from the turkey fryer just isn't big around enough. The Banjo kick azz but I don't like the flames up the side of the pot.
  2. dilligas2u

    Lancaster PA Brew store

    Someone here at work just told me that over the weekend they seen what they said was a new supply store in the Rockdale outlets. Anyone from around there know of this store? What type prices do they have and are they well stocked? I deal with Mr. Steves in York Pa now (haven't been to his new...
  3. dilligas2u

    V Day Rewards

    Got to love the woman who brings you this for V day
  4. dilligas2u

    Punpkin Ale

  5. dilligas2u

    Step by Step

    I have never tried to make cider. Do you make it the same way as beer.. by that do you boil it if you add sugar. use the wild yeast or try to kill it with something and add your own.. What type?.. Best type of apples? like I said never tried it.. but love a good cider
  6. dilligas2u

    New beer fridge

    Went to an auction last week and picked this baby up for 275.00 looks like I'll have to pick up a few more kegs
  7. dilligas2u


    Anyone from around the Harrisburg Pa area that can tell me where I can get my hands on some Ommegang.. Been looking and can't find it anywhere. Thanks :tank:
  8. dilligas2u

    Playing with new label

    figure I can put type of beer on cap or neck band
  9. dilligas2u

    Label that I use.

    Need to work on getting the type of brew in the right place but it works for me.