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    smoked malts

    Is it possible to buy whole malted grains from the brewshop and then place them in a smoker to mimic the Scottish whiskey makers process? Just long enough to impart a subtle flavor i'm guessing.
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    guinness clone

    just bottled a guinness clone last nite and normally would let it condition for at least 2 weeks to a month. just wanted some opinions about conditioning time.
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    Question for Revy

    It said that in the near future you were going to try an 1880's era historical ale. I was curious about the recipe you will be using. Would it be possible to get a copy? I have a somewhat large collection of old books with old herbal and regular beer, wine, and mead recipes, and I am always...
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    Guinness clone recipe

    I'm looking for a really good Guiness clone recipe. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    ingredient substitutions?

    I have a recipe that calls for 4 lbs pale malt, 2lb flaked barley, and 1 lb of roasted barley. My question is this, can I sub the flaked barley and the roasted barley with the equivelant malt extract? I dont have the equipment to sparge the barley.
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    acid malt

    are acid malt and acid blend the same thing?
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    obscure recipe ingredients

    I have recently aquired some old recipes that have some ingredients I am not familiar with. My questions are, what are these ingredients, can they be substituted, if so with what, or can they be eliminated all together. The ingredients are: 35 grns. saccharine 550 and burnt sugar and block...