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    weldless water heating element in keggle

    Hello - I am converting to electric (project details to come) and drilled a 1.25" hole in each of my 2 keggles. They are threaded heating elements with the bargainfittings 1" locknut on the inside w/ o-ring. Unfortunately, only 1 of my keggles has a tight seal. One has a slight leak out of it. I...
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    Confusion about HERMS

    So I just picked up my second keg on craigslist to be made into a keggle. I am going to take it to a welder to have him cut the top off for me and also a hole for a bulkhead adapter. I wanted to also install two ports for a HERMS set up but am confused about the parts a bit. What parts do I need...
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    LBHS recommended 145 rest...

    So I am doing a brew with rye + 6 row and my LHBS told me to do a mash with a 145 for 30 and a 152 for 60 (then mash out). Would this be advantageous over my normal 152 mash? Thanks. -Matt
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    food + beer pairing

    This Friday I am having my girlfriend's friends over for a beer + food pairing sort of party. These are the beers I will be serving: Scottish Ale Mango Belgian Pale Ale Stout (had bacon in secondary.... but didn't get any bacon flavors) 2 different Belgian Triples (one trappist yeast, one...
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    march pump, high temp tubing: hard to see end of liquid

    Hello- This is my first brew using a march pump. I use high temp to transfer from mash tun to boil kettle. I know you can't prime a march pump dry, but what happens if a few bubbles go through it when it is operating? If you can't see the water level and can't see the water through the...
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    first lager brewed yesterday, today: still no fermentation

    Hello, I brewed my first all grain lager yesterday. I ended up with a 1.056 OG (Target: 1.058). 4 days ago, I started a Wyeast Bavarian Lager starter. I used a stirplate for 2 days, poured off 90% of the yeast into a sterile beer bottle (stored at 40'F), then added more cooled wort, and...
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    first lager.. temperature control question

    I am brewing my first lager today. I have a keezer that I am putting my ale pale in to control the fermentation temperature. I plan on cooling down the wort to 50, then fermenting at 50 for 5 days, 2 day diacetyl rest (when gravity .010 points off final), then lagering for 4 weeks at 35. My...
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    leaky faucets on keezer

    I purchased a 2 keg kit from kegcowboy with Perlick faucets. When I added sanitizer and hooked both kegs up, one keg was pouring sanitizer out the 3 holes in the faucet. I called and the person who I spoke with at kegcowboy had me check the O ring, try tightening the faucet connection to the...
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    kegging question: 2 kegs, 1 reg

    I am new to kegging. I just finished buiilding my keezer but one of the faucets is leaky. Kegcowboy is sending me a new one when they are back in stock but I have a question regarding regarding carbonating a second beer. I already have my Belgian Pale Ale carbonated and being served (delicious)...
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    How to get the bacon flavor in my Wake'n Bacon Breakfast Stout

    I was originally going to cook 4lbs of bacon in the oven, soak up all the fat, then throw it in my secondary. Now I found this online: Has anyone come across this before or have any experience with it? I wonder if it would give more of a bacon...
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    middle of an all grain batch... questions

    Working on my breakfast stout (Bacon maple oatmeal): first all grain brew So I used brewsmith to calculate how much water I needed for my set up (10gal igloo cooler + Keggle) I ended up 10' too low and ended up adding about 2 quarts of water to my mash (Although I am unsure since I filled with...
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    first all grain brew: h2o questions

    Hello- I am attempting my first all grain brew in 2 days (started the starter today): The only part that I am confused on (so far) is the gypsum/baking soda additions to the water since I am using distilled water. Recipe: Batch size: 5.00 gal Boil Size: 6.34 Gal Boil time: 60min 7.5lb...