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    overflowing through the airlock

    Thanks, I have 2 airlocks but one is on my primary and the other is on my secondary. I haven't even drank my first homebrew yet and have 2 buckets going in my closet. I think I will invest in a blowoff tube and an extra airlock. I will just leave it until tonight or tomorrow and then clean...
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    overflowing through the airlock

    If I don't have a blow off tube should I get one, or is it ok to just wipe up the overflow and leave wort in the airlock? Do I need to clean it once the fermentation slows down, or is it better to just leave it there unitl I rack it to my secondary?
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    overflowing through the airlock

    I am brewing my second batch of beer, it's a belgian wit with an OG of 1.042. I started it yesterday and it has been coming out of the airlock since this morning. Should I take the airlock out and clean it or just leave it alone?