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  1. FoCobrewguy

    ISO: The Veil FT: Casey, Black Project, CO beers

    Hello Looking for a VA local that may be willing to set up a trade for some The Veil and maybe a few other local brews. I know their anni is happening this weekend so was looking for a mixed 6 pack from what is being released. If not would be interested in just future weekly releases. I...
  2. FoCobrewguy

    Stir plate question for 10 gallon batches

    I have not used a stir plate yet or made starters but want to start using them as I believe there is a benefit to using them. My question is for those of you that do 10 gallon batches. I am in the process of finishing upgrades so that I can handle 10 gallon. My plan is to do 5 and 10 gallon...
  3. FoCobrewguy

    Tri clamp fitting for brewmometer

    Hello Does anyone know of a vendor that makes a tri clover thermowell that a Blichmann Brewmometer could screw or at least be set into? I have a 10 gallon blichmann that I changed to a thermowell to run off a controller. I want to put my brewmometer on my new kettle which has a 1 inch tri clover...
  4. FoCobrewguy

    Non AHA Members

    We would like to invite you to take a homebrewing survey on behalf of the American Homebrewers Association. You don’t need to be a member of the AHA, in fact we’re currently looking fill quotas for non-AHA members only right now (homebrewers that have never joined the AHA). This...
  5. FoCobrewguy

    Long term aging in sanke keg

    Hello Everybody I have found a few posts mentioning how others seal there fermentors for long term storage but not many talking about sanke kegs in particular. I am looking to turn a half barrel sanke keg into a solera project. I have the brewer's hardware sanke fermentor kit for the main...
  6. FoCobrewguy

    Previous AHA Members, take a survey get cash

    Hello Everyone, The SWMBO has the AHA as a client. They are looking for homebrewers to take a phone survey for them. Anyone that qualifies and is selected to do the phone survey will receive cash for their time. The interview will take around an hour. If you have any questions feel free to ask...
  7. FoCobrewguy

    Take a survey, get some money for next brew

    Hello Everyone, SWMBO works for a marketing firm and is looking for some homebrewer's to help gather some research information. The questions will be answered over a phone interview that should take around an hour and for your time you will be paid. If you meet the below requirements and would...
  8. FoCobrewguy

    Denver area welders?

    Hey everyone, Had a welder friend at work that backed out on me. Have all the metal to build my stand but need someone to help me with the welding. I would be interested in helping/learning in the process if you are interested. In the broomfield area let me know if anyone is interested in...
  9. FoCobrewguy

    Hop Trellis, Container grow with center poll

    Hello HBT Thought I would post some pictures and how to for my hop grow. This would be for first time growers that don't have a permanent home for their new hops. I have one Chinook and one Cascade hop each in their own 20 gallon container. There is a 1" or so "dowel" cut to 10' in the center...