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  1. Stankonia

    A Brewing Water Chemistry Primer

    Thanks for answering my question. I am going to re-work my plan for water treatment and this time follow the primer in the OP. I have a couple more questions. Note: My original question was about treating sparge water, these are now just about the mash. So it's safe to assume that the pH...
  2. Stankonia

    A Brewing Water Chemistry Primer

    Quick question... I'm trying to start with distilled water for my next brew, then add salts/minerals to the mash to reach my targeted pH and flavor profile. I've been able to figure the salt additions using Brewer's Friend to get a mash pH of about 5.38. The pH of 5.38 I got was with adding...
  3. Stankonia

    pre chiller

    I had a similar issue in Florida, and I used a submersible pump and ice water. But you can't hook it up to ice-water right off the bat, unless you have a 30gal barrel of ice water ready. Here is what I did: 1. Hook my pump up to the chiller, sit the pump in a bucket of water. 2. Fill the...
  4. Stankonia

    Deschutes Black Butte

    I've always liked that beer more on draft than from the bottle.
  5. Stankonia

    1-Gallon Brewers UNITE!

    Do all you 1-gallon brewers use pretty much the same method for bottling? bottling bucket with spigot? Do you use a different vessel rather than the typical 5-6gallon bottling buckets that are out there? also, for all-grain brewers..any problems with holding mash temps for a long enough...
  6. Stankonia

    Fermentation can take 24 to 72 hrs to show visible signs.

    I have a blow off tube going into a growler filled with sanitizer..there hasn't been ANY bubbles from the blow off hose..but like I said, it's definitely producing CO2.
  7. Stankonia

    Fermentation can take 24 to 72 hrs to show visible signs.

    I brewed Sunday and am fermenting in a 5gal sanke with the sanke fermenter kit. I was worried Monday night when I got home from work and there were no bubbles..but I woke up this morning and opened the chest freezer that I'm fermenting in and got a face (and lungs) full of CO2. There has got...
  8. Stankonia

    No Sprage Brewing - Do you have to mash with ALL the water?

    I don't have the equipment to batch sparge otherwise I would...hence the point of a thread asking a question about no-sparge, so your reply of saying to just mash at the normal ratio then batch sprage as usual isn't answering the question or adding anything to the conversation. I didn't mind...
  9. Stankonia

    No Sprage Brewing - Do you have to mash with ALL the water?

    I don't think you really do understand the concept. How do you suggest I heat the sprage water in the BK, drain the first runnings to the BK, then sprage with the water that was heated in the BK?? Batch sparging is pretty simple, but primarily the concept of no-sparge is not having the...
  10. Stankonia

    No Sprage Brewing - Do you have to mash with ALL the water?

    I'm doing all-grain batches in an apartment, shooting for 4.5gal in my 5 gal fermenter. I'm wanting to experiment with no-sparge brewing, but my mash tun won't fit the amount of water to cover my pre-boil target volume in addition to the grain bill. Almost everything I read about no-sparge...
  11. Stankonia

    Critique My Water Recipe for a DIPA, using 100% distilled Water.

    When I said drop the pH, I meant become more acidic I just entered it on the spread sheets again using your recommendations, and the pH got more acidic only very slightly, and didn't really seem to make much of a difference in the estimated pH. It's now estimated in the 5.3-5.4 range @...
  12. Stankonia

    Critique My Water Recipe for a DIPA, using 100% distilled Water.

    I don't currently have any acids. My LHBS carries lactic acid though. For testing, I have the colorpHast - 4.0 - 7.0 strips from MoreBeer. Thanks for the feedback! Would ditching the baking soda, salt, and Epsom drop the pH too much?
  13. Stankonia

    Critique My Water Recipe for a DIPA, using 100% distilled Water.

    I'm venturing into water chemisty, and plan on brewing with 100% Distilled Water. I've been doing tons of reading trying to grasp the concepts. Every time I think it begins to make sense, I'll read something else that confuses me :drunk: For now, I'm using various water tools that are...
  14. Stankonia

    I feel like a complete idiot for using pretty much

    That's the problem with ice-water recirculating idea that gets thrown around a lot. The water coming out of the IC is pretty damn hot, so your ice-water bath isn't going to stay ice cold for long if you're recirculating right off the bat. I recirculated ice-water with my IC when I lived in...
  15. Stankonia

    Chest Freezer to "Keezer" --The Broke College student Edition

    I'm going to pretty much do the same thing. Live in a 1 room apartment, and will convert a 5cu/ft freezer to a keezer. I think I'm only going to do 2 taps, but from reading around here I know you can do 3-4. I'm going to try to do the bare minimum, just a collar and all the needed parts I...
  16. Stankonia

    Ditching the hydrometer?

    I agree that not getting a OG reading isn't a big long as the finished product taste good. But if you come across a batch where something is off it would be nice to know the OG if you're trying to back-track to see where something might have gone wrong.
  17. Stankonia

    It may look stupid, but it works really well! (pics)

    I do the tap water method first, then switch my pump over to an ice bath. I collect the hot water in my HLT and throw in some oxyclean so it's already starting to mix and dissolve with the hot water, then use that to clean everything. but being able to let your kettle sit in cold water will...
  18. Stankonia

    Electrical Primer for Brewers

    I'll be moving into a much smaller space and am looking into an indoor all grain set up. So far I'm planning to use a kettle on the stove top with a ~1500w 120v element to assist the stove. From what I've read, I have to make sure the element is running on it's own 20amp circuit right?? How...
  19. Stankonia

    Tea infused strike water??

    Kind of along the same lines..the latest episode of BrewingTV from Northern Brewer featured a guy brewing an Imperial IPA. He hopped his sparge water which I never thought of, or heard of.
  20. Stankonia

    Broken Carboy Club

    Are you serious? I didn't know those existed...that's just crazy OP, I had a pretty bad cut at the top of my middle finger when a buddy dropped his side of a washing machine we were carrying. The bottom pretty much used my hands as a ramp back to the ground. I didn't have feeling in the tip...