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  1. squash1978

    Acetaldehyde in Dunkelweizen?

    About a week and a half ago I brewed a Dunkelweizen using Jamil's recipe from Brewing Classic Styles using WLP300. OG was 1.053 and I fermented it at 62 degrees per Jamil's instructions. I took a gravity reading last night (10 days post-pitch) and it had reached it's FG at 1.012. While tasting...
  2. squash1978

    Beersmith for $20

    For anyone who is looking to purchase BeerSmith, Birdman Brewing is selling license keys for $19.99 vs. $27.95 on the BeerSmith site.
  3. squash1978

    Adding stability to stakes in a pot

    So I got a couple plants from Great Lakes Hops a couple weeks ago and opted to plant them in pots for the first year. The long term plan is to plant them in the ground and grow them up a yet-to-be-built pergola. As a result, I needed an easy, temporary solution for this year. I decided to grow...
  4. squash1978

    Can I harvest yeast from a 9 year old bottle?

    Here's why I ask. When I got married, a buddy made a hefeweizen for me that my wife and I put in souvenir bottles and gave away as wedding favors. Fast forward 9 years later and I discovered an unopened case of those bottles in my garage. This gave me the idea to make the same brew and reuse...