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  1. Meatbull

    The 2016 NHC - Results/Speculation Thread

    Yeah, I got my sheets on Monday from Nashville. The type of sheets they use in NHC judging aren't the best for feedback, but the feedback I got and my scores were good. I have two beers heading to the final round, too. (A saison and a mixed-fermentation sour). Which is nice.
  2. Meatbull

    The 2016 NHC - Results/Speculation Thread

    Looks like they are still judging in Nashville. This FB update from late Sunday night makes it seem like they will try to wrap it up Tuesday night. (18 days after the start of their judging....) "Are there any other BJCP Certified judges on this page who can make it to Mayday in Murfreesboro...
  3. Meatbull

    Sour Saison?

    Great style. Were you planning to do a sour saison along, or are you pitching other yeast to "fix" a saison that has stalled? Either way, I'd follow Dwarven Stout's advice and warm up and rouse the yeast and try to get the FG much, much lower. Otherwise you aren't drinking this one until...
  4. Meatbull

    English Barleywine John's Red (English Barleywine)

    It is very cool that you are recreating this for your father. That is awesome. I'm little nervous that 1 oz of Nugget is not going to be enough AAs for a 1.090 beer, though. I look forward to your tasting notes.
  5. Meatbull

    Talkin' Some PS3...

    Go out and get Fallout 3. Hands down the best game from last year (2008) and you'll be playing it for months to come.
  6. Meatbull

    Help Please!!! Barleywine/brew from Hell

    Not to hijack, but I have a question about carbonating barleywines. I brewed one last weekend and I'm planning to put it into secondary in a few weeks and then, maybe, bottle it 10 months from now. I know that ABWs are supposed to be lower in carbonation, but I'm assuming the yeast left...
  7. Meatbull

    Rye malt ceiling in a Rye Pale Ale?

    Great responses. I think I'll dial it back to 40% rye and maybe skip the wheat completely. It is good to have people talk you off the cliff. And yes, rice hulls will abound.
  8. Meatbull

    Rye malt ceiling in a Rye Pale Ale?

    I'm looking to make a rye pale ale and I'm wondering if anyone here has hit the ceiling in terms of the amount of rye you can use in a batch. I'm all-grain and looking to go 50% rye, and the other 50% to mostly pale malt with a touch of wheat. I'm looking for a strong rye character and I'm...