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  1. wells11

    Jockey Box

    I acquired a huge 7 circuit plate chiller. I will only use 3 circuits for now but I had a hard time finding a cooler that wasnt too large. I thought I found one but its angled on the insides and the chiller will only on a slight angle. Will this cause any issues?
  2. wells11

    Brewers Edge

    Has anyone done a step mash on a Brewers Edge?
  3. wells11


    My neighbor has a pear tree and doesn't usually do anything with them. I could use them sanitize them and such, but am more curious to doing a wild fermentation with them. Any pointers would be greatly aprreciated.
  4. wells11

    Cherry vanilla cream ale

    I am.putting together a sweet cherry vanilla cream ale and need some input on my hops I was thinking Nelson saivon. Thoughts?
  5. wells11

    Cherry cream ale

    I am.putting together a sweet cherry vanilla cream ale and need some input on my hops I was thinking Nelson saivon. Thoughts?
  6. wells11

    Dirty little freak

    Has anyone come across a recipe for duclaw dirty little freak?
  7. wells11

    Change Email

    Does anyone know how to change there email for notifications from homebrewtalk?
  8. wells11

    sweet grapefruit

    I want to add a sweet grapefruit syrup to a Citra wheat and I want the finished product to stay that way. Can I stop the fermentation like you would with wine before adding the syrup since I will be force carbing?
  9. wells11

    Adding Hot Peppers and molases

    I am thinking of adding these two never used ingredients to a future brew and wanted some pointers as too how much for a 5 gal batch and when?
  10. wells11

    Best time to read OG

    A few friends and I have been discussing the best time to take OG readings during the brewing process.
  11. wells11

    very clear wheat beer

    Is it OK that my wheat beer looks like a pilsner?
  12. wells11

    Pennsylvania 6- 5gal Carboys $25 each

    Selling 6 - 5gal Carboys in the pittsburgh area 25$ dollars each.
  13. wells11

    What is everyone brewing on St. Patty Day?

    Can't decide what to brew!
  14. wells11

    Sweet Chocolate taste

    Whats the best way to get a sweet chocolate tatse in beer?
  15. wells11

    Adding Coffee to my Porter

    Cold brew coffee in secondary. If I cold brew coffee does the water need to be pre boiled or just sanitize the container to hold the coffee and water. I've seen many ways of adding coffee after primary I am just concerned about infection.
  16. wells11

    new to kegging

    I've kegged a couple beers now and bottle some using a beer gun. My question is can I keep the beer I bottled out of the fridge? I like to give some away but I am always afraid to let it warm up.
  17. wells11

    Why is my Pumpkin Ale not carbonating?

    I used priming sugar to carb my pumpkin ale and still no bubbles after 3 weeks?
  18. wells11

    Pumpkin questions

    I have a couple questions, first how are so many breweries selling pumpkin beers already when pumpkins are not in season? Are they not using pumpkins and going right for the canned stuff? My next question is most say they have a crust flavor are they using some sort of extract or actual pie...
  19. wells11

    Who's planning a pumpkin brew this fall?

    What style and will you use real, canned pumpkin, or none at all? I'm planning on doing a Pumpking clone with a family member. Tried it last night for the first time it is pretty good! Going to use real pumpkin.
  20. wells11

    Kegged Beer without Co2

    How long will a keg of carbed beer last without Co2? I may run out of Co2 and I am hoping it will be ok for about 45 minutes without it hooked up.