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  1. Free_Eagle

    Batches #2 and #3

    Well, today my Belgian Wit was ready, and I was enjoying the Chocolate Cappuccino Stout so much I forgot to post a pic. These are batches 2 and 3 for this newby and continually love this hobby, the Belgian Wit is godly. :rockin: I gotta say that releasing a beer for friends and bottling...
  2. Free_Eagle

    Saison Brew, low boil temp

    I have something to run by everyone. I picked up an extract kit from my LHBS yesterday and the guy that designed the recipe told me to boil (as it says in the directions) at 150 degrees. It just seems weird to throw boil and that low of a temp together. Has anyone mad anything by doing their...
  3. Free_Eagle

    Smuttynose Brewing Old Brown Dog Ale Clone

    I am looking to clone Smuttynose Brewing Old Brown Dog Ale and was wondering with the vat of experience out there if anyone has an extract recipe for similar clone??
  4. Free_Eagle

    Question regarding Belgian Wit

    Hi I think I just need some re-assurance here. This is a Belgian Wit extract kit and this is my first time using liquid yeast. I got nervous when it did nothing for the first twelve hours last night. I left for work, while on the road picked up more yeast in case, and came home to this...
  5. Free_Eagle

    My first brew was ready today

    And not by choice folks, home on a mental health day and what is any better way then cracking my first ever brew!! :mug: I......... LOVE........... THIS................. HOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Free_Eagle

    My first stout

    Took this photo of my gravity test sample after racking to the secondary. Was in primary for 2 weeks and now in secondary for 2 weeks, then bottle for 3 weeks. On a side note I cracked a bottle outta my first ever batch, an Irish Red Ale, and despite its lack of carbonation (only one week in)...