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  1. TheSpoon

    Nice price on AL pots

    Another option is Wares Direct
  2. TheSpoon

    Starting the siphon with your mouth, Dangerous?

    Just so I'm certain what we are talking about here. Are you starting the siphon by sucking on the end of the tubing or blowing into the second tube from a carboy cap? From what I had seen somewhere the preferred method (assuming you don't own an autosiphon) was to blow (gently) on the longer...
  3. TheSpoon

    Best way to remove label glue?

    -=Double post=- :off: Boy, that makes my +1 post comment a little peculiar. :off:
  4. TheSpoon

    Best way to remove label glue?

    I just pulled out 11 Sam Adams and 1 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale bottles last night from a cooler I filled with hot water and oxyclean. All the Sam Adams bottles came out perfect, the SNPA has just the faintest bit of adhesive left on it. Added 9 various other bottles to the water without adding...
  5. TheSpoon

    Boil Experiment - Kitchen Stove 6.25 gallons

    Sorry, I guess I could have said a little more in my post. Yes, moving the chiller around in the wort(water) will help cool it faster. For proof just test the water output from the IC. There are some chillers that are designed to move the wort in a circular pattern also, take a look HERE for...
  6. TheSpoon

    Boil Experiment - Kitchen Stove 6.25 gallons

    Were you moving the chiller around the pot while cooling the water?
  7. TheSpoon

    Whats the deal with Austin Homebrew Supply???

    Well I just dealt with AHS. I made my first ever homebrewing purchase. In the order was a funnel, which according to the website included a filter screen, however, one was not included. I emailed the address given on the website ([email protected]) and asked who I needed to contact to...