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  1. wbutler

    Washington Seattle - (Nearly) full AG setup for sale.

    Selling my 5-gal all grain system, sans kettle, which I'm keeping. Priced to move at $250, but mention HBT and I'll knock off another $25.
  2. wbutler

    Seattle 1/6 BBL Sanke Kegs

    Unloading some 1/6 BBL Sanke kegs at a steep discount! Need some cleaning and one new retaining ring, but that's it. I'm in metro Seattle. Take a peek:
  3. wbutler

    Sports Bar Table Dispenser

    I was at a local sports bar here in Seattle this weekend when I saw this neat setup for having "draft" beer at your table: Apologies for the blurry cell phone pic. It's basically a plastic pedestal on which is mounted a large clear tube that you can fill with brew. There's a tap on the...
  4. wbutler

    1/6 BBL Sankey Kegs, Seattle, WA

    Hi all, Two 1/6 BBL Sankey kegs available for $100 TOTAL. I bought these last year to supply brew for a friend's wedding, and I absolutely can't stand working with them. Retaining rings not included, but replacements are <$10 and I'm happy to help you source them. Just want them gone, so...
  5. wbutler

    Therminator Mounting Advice

    So I got my therminator and took it for a trial run on a batch last week. It's almost freakishly effective. What previously took twenty minutes now takes less than two. I actually chilled my wort to below 55 degrees and had to put a heater in the with the fermenter for a bit to get things going...
  6. wbutler

    Backflushing your Therminator: why bother?

    So maybe this is a naive question, but I was thinking about my new therminator the other night and the fact that I need to build a backflush hose for cleaning when I thought, "Why do I need to clean out the coolant side? Beer doesn't touch it, and it's just water anyway." So why do I? Plenty...
  7. wbutler

    Therminator/QD: Dielectric concerns

    So I've been doing some revamping on the post-boil side of my rig, adding a therminator, pump, etc. I've been looking at putting quick-disconnects on the therminator, and the only QD's I can find for garden hoses are, naturally, made of brass. I'm concerned about attaching brass fittings to the...
  8. wbutler

    Measuring Fermentation Temperature in Air or Beer

    My last few brews have come out rather estery and a bit reddish in color, which has been something of a disappointment. I'm trying to figure out the source of the issues, but I think that part of it is temperature control during fermentation. I just went back to fermenting in a chest freezer...
  9. wbutler

    Bubbles/air in siphon line

    So I was racking some brew a couple days ago, and this kept happening: I start the siphon, everything's great, and then where the tubing meets the racking cane, a bubble forms that slooooooowly grows until it breaks off and gets swept down the tube into the keg. Some questions: I...
  10. wbutler

    Carriers for giving bottles to friends?

    Hey all, I've been lurking for a while but this is my first post. My roommate and I brew out of our house in Seattle... it's not Portland, but still excellent beer country. We brew extract and we've just started all-grain. Like most, we do five gallon batches and keg into cornys. We found...