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  1. waterse

    A question about yeast pitching

    I am about to brew my 8th beer. So far my efforts have improved with each beer and I am thankfully making beer that me and my friends and family enjoy drinking. One issue I have had is that while I have been consistantly successful hitting my expected OG, my FG has been high with every batch...
  2. waterse

    Recipe for Cream Stout

    Getting ready to try a cream stout with the following recipe: Partial mash 1.5lbs 2-row 1 lb Crystal 120 .5 lb chocolate malt .5 lb flaked oats .25 lbs cara-pils .25 lb roasted barley Extract 4 lb extra light LME 1 lb extra light DME 1 oz EKG (60) 1 oz Willamette (60) 1 oz...
  3. waterse

    Need opinions again

    Just brewed up an octoberfest ale based on Biermunchers octoberfast ale. I have created 2 possible lables for this one and want some input. Which one do you all think works best with the style?
  4. waterse

    Recipe ready, input wanted

    Ok, I'm ready to brew my first mini mash and I have put together the following recipe from several suggestions. Just wanted to get some input on the final version before buying the stuff. This look good for a rich, malty pale ale? 4lb Light DME 2 lbs Vienna malt 1 lb Munich malt 1 lb...
  5. waterse

    Need help with a recipe

    Looking to brew my first partial mash beer and I need some advice for a recipe. I want to brew a pale ale with the following characteristics. I'd like it just slightly on the richer, heavier side of a pale ale but still close to style. Want it to be a little bit malty and very slightly sweet. A...
  6. waterse

    Trying to understand PM

    I was reading a huge post started by Richbrewer a while back about doing partial mashing in a small cooler and I had a question about it. I posted in a new thead as I was reluctant to dig up such a large older post. Anyhow, I was wondering how my steeping method differs from the partial mash...
  7. waterse

    Why use LME?

    From all I have read here, DME is in all ways superior to LME (maybe a bit messier but that's a neglegible issue) And yet nearly every published extract recipe I read uses about 75% LME and 25% DME. Why the bias toward LME? Does it have any advantages? I have a BYO issue of 150 clone recipes of...
  8. waterse

    Next label, need help choosing.

    Just bottled my second beer, a honey porter. I have designed a few labels and have narrowed my choices down to 2. I would like some input to help me choose the label. Here goes: I like the layout of this label better, but the beach scene does not seem to go well with the style of the beer...
  9. waterse

    Carboy replacement?

    Hey, super noob here. This may be a dumb question, but I am looking to get a new carboy or 2 and I was looking at the better boy plastics as my glass one is killing my back. They run about 25 bucks, but my local grocery store has bottled water in 5 gal carboy type bottles for $12 and that...
  10. waterse

    Question about beer styles

    So I am looking to start my 3rd beer and am trying to decide what it is going to be. I have a wit in bottles and a porter in the carboy. I have been sampling different craft brews and I have a question. Is there a difference between a pale ale (not and IPA) and a blonde ale? Or is blonde just a...
  11. waterse

    Finally, It's Beer!

    Well, I have successfully brewed my first beer. I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship. It's a little dark for a Belgian Wit, but it tastes great! Sorry the picture's a bit fuzzy, my digital camera battery is dead and I only had my cell phone to take the pic. Cheers, Evan
  12. waterse

    First beer, first label.

    Well, my wife and I have made our first beer. All things considered it came out pretty darn good. I wanted to thank those here who talked me down from some angst while waiting for it to be finished. Now that it's beer I wanted to label it and while I wait for some label paper that I ordered to...
  13. waterse

    This Wit is not white. What did I do?

    I am curently brewing my first beer, Brewer's Best Witbeir extract kit. I fermented for a week in the primary, fermentation seemed to go ok but the beer looks like a brown ale. I racked to a secondary mostly to see what it would do and it's still very dark. What might I have done wrong and...