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  1. Gordie

    Home brewer to Nano brewer to running a top 100 BA craft brewery - and an invitation.

    Hey everyone. Its been a while since I've posted here and a lot has happened since I posted the "Things I learned going from home to nano brewer" thread back in 2009 (Things I learned going from Home to Nanobrewer...). My family bought Anderson Valley Brewing Company and I became President &...
  2. Gordie

    9 Ball lock MFL 1/4" connectors

    I've got some Cornie ball lock connectors I don't need. 3 beer-out (black) and 6 gas-in (white) all 1/4" MFL. $40 for all 9 (plus shipping from 95448). Cheers! Kevin
  3. Gordie

    Blichmann HopRocket - hopback / Randall

    I've got a brand new Blichmann HopRocket hopback / Randall. Used once. I'm selling it because I'm brewing on a 1+ bbl system and its a bit small for the amount of wort that I need to put through it. Retails for $119.99. Selling for $100.00 even, plus shipping from 95448. Check it out at...
  4. Gordie

    Stout Faucet - Drought Tech, $75

    Hey folks. I've got a stout faucet thats very lightly used I'm looking to sell for $75. All chrome. Shipping from 95448. I've got a picture but can't seem to figure out how to upload it... PM or email. Cheers. Kevin
  5. Gordie

    Twittering a 1 bbl Winter Ale brew, Sat 11/21

    This Saturday the 21st starting around 7 am PST (maybe... if the timer on the coffee maker is working) we're putting together the first Winter Ale brew of the season (about time, I know). OG 1.062, BU 43.5, SRM around 35 and a bunch of malty goodness. Six different malts, a little over a...
  6. Gordie

    Any opinions on WLP575?

    I'm thinking of swapping my current house strain for my Golden Ale to WLP575. Anyone with any experience have any opinions? I'd be using it for an ongoing pipeline of 33 gallon golden ale brews with a 1.051 SG, no adjuncts or anything weird - just Pilsner, Vienna and Munich malt. Thanks. Kevin
  7. Gordie

    Twittering another 1 bbl brewday, Friday 10/22. I mean it this time.

    Howdy y'all. Sorry for the false alarm last time but we're firing up the brewhouse tomorrow morning (I have the day off...) The October Blonde installment. A few changes to the recipe. We're running the program with all Hallertau Mittelfruh this time instead of Crystal and backing off the...
  8. Gordie

    Twittering another 1 bbl brew day, Sunday 10/18

    Howdy y'all. We're firing up the brewhouse again for the October Blonde installment. A few changes to the recipe. We're running the program with all Hallertau Mittelfruh this time and backing off the base grain a bit because my house yeast appears to be the "Vin Diesel" strain and I've gotten...
  9. Gordie

    Twittering another 1 bbl brew day, Sunday 09/20

    In honor of my daughter's 22 month birthday - I'll be making beer. Those of you that do the Twitter thing feel free to follow along. I'm "Healdsbrew" and should be starting around 7ish tomorrow morning PST and I've gotten fairly good at posting pics these days. We're doing more IPA. This is an...
  10. Gordie

    Things I learned going from Home to Nanobrewer...

    Well, I've been a licensed nanobrewery for about a year and a half now and it occurred to me the other day that I've learned a few things that might of interest to other folks. So off the top of my head, here goes... 1. Go bigger. Unless you've got way way too much spare time get at least a 1...
  11. Gordie

    Twittering another 1 bbl brew day, Sunday 09/06

    Yup, we're going again. Should be starting at about 7 am PST or so. If you're into the twitter thing, follow along at "Healdsbrew". I'll be putting together the new-and-improved Healdsburg Blonde. 55 lbs of grain and a pound of crystal hops. Good times. For those who don't know, I made...
  12. Gordie

    Another 1 bbl brew day on Twitter... Friday the 21st, starting at 6am PST.

    Back for more... second installment of the web 2.0 career of the Healdsburg Beer Company - the nanobrewery in my garage (yup... I'm licensed). I'll be Twittering ("Tweeting?" I dunno...) brewing up a 1 bbl batch of english-style IPA bright and early tomorrow morning. This is the IPA that won me...
  13. Gordie

    Blichmann Boilermaker 10g setup: 15g HLT, MLT and 20g BK

    I have a Blichmann setup that I've been using for 10g AG batches (could do 15 gallons, actually) that I'm no longer using. Two 15g boilermakers, a Blichmann false bottom for the 15g MLT, and a 20g boilermaker boil kettle with the boil screen. They have signs of normal use and some carbon on...
  14. Gordie

    1 bbl brew day on Twitter.

    Hey everyone. Well I've gone an taken the plunge - I converted from homebrewer to licensed and bonded Nanobrewer and I've got a 1 bbl garage called the Healdsburg Beer Company up here in Northern California. I'm going to be twittering my day @Healdsbrew if anyone wants to follow along. Making a...
  15. Gordie

    10g Blichmann set up - a 20g and two 15g Boilermakers

    Howdy y'all. I'm selling my Blichmann setup that I've been using for 10g AG batches on my bastard-of-Brutus rig. I'd still be using them but... um... I now have a 1 bbl brewhouse. Two 15g boilermakers, a Blichmann false bottom for the 15g MLT, and a 20g boilermaker boil kettle. They have...
  16. Gordie

    WARNING: My fermentation heating pad caught fire last night.

    So the GFCI was tripped in my garage this morning. Opening my chest freezer I see a thin layer of brown smoke residue on everything (two sanke keg fermentors, airlocks intact - no electrical-fire rauchbier) and the heating pad is fried. Only cosmetic damage to the freezer, luckily. I got...
  17. Gordie

    Bottle conditioning - a de facto diacetal rest?

    Just wondering if the fermentation cognoscenti have an opinion on this. It occurs to me that bottle conditioning at cellar temperature should have the same effect as a diacetal rest, except its a fermentation under pressure and I'm not sure if the yeast have to off-gas the by products of the...
  18. Gordie

    Wiring Gods/Geeks - I need help with switch bling.

    Ok, so I've got these nifty switches in my control panel - they're NKK model M2100 SPDT. The nifty thing about them is they have a LED in the tip of the switch that glows red when the switch is off and green when the switch is on. The specs are here -
  19. Gordie

    Anyone use a Therminator as a HERMS Heat exchanger?

    Just wondering. I figure a plate chiller would be pretty efficient at heating as well. I figure you could just recirculate the HLT water through the Water in/out and maintain your mash temp that way. I suppose you'd want to insulate the therminator, but has anyone ever tried this?
  20. Gordie

    Love TS inputs - what are my options?

    The Love TS controler comes with a thermistor. I'm not sure what a thermistor is and was wondering if I could wire a K-Type or RTD sensor instead of the thermistor? Can anyone explain the difference between the temp probes? Gordie