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  1. BlackNotch

    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Had my first glass of this, and its damn good! Its been kegged for for 5 weeks, great carb and flavor!
  2. BlackNotch

    Six-String Brewing Co. e-Herms build.

    Very nice! I really like the coil through the lid, I'm doing a HERMS as well and now I can't decide on the lid mount or side mount.
  3. BlackNotch

    BrewHardware Giveaway!

    I'm real in!
  4. BlackNotch

    bullfrog ale ebrewery build.

    Part number 7529K533
  5. BlackNotch

    Soldering Stainless steel

    I got mine from Amazon, I wanted to buy from Bobby, but he was out of 1/2" spuds and Amazon had both. The 1" spud fits a Camco ripple.
  6. BlackNotch

    Soldering Stainless steel

    It may depend on where u get the spud, mine fit snug using the 1 11/16".
  7. BlackNotch

    Soldering Stainless steel

    I used the cheap Harbor Freight punch kit with good results. The hole was a tad smaller than the diameter of my welding spud, so I just took a step bit and drilled around the edge of the hole until it fit. The manual says its 1 1/4" but it makes a bigger hole than that. I was able to make two...
  8. BlackNotch

    Soldering Stainless steel

    I have some Stay-Brite, but noticed the tensile strength of the SSF-6. I would think heating two stainless washers would take less time than a coupling, but they claim to be using propane and it seemed pretty quick. That stuff isnt cheap either, $69 for two 18" rods.
  9. BlackNotch

    Soldering Stainless steel

    Found this vid on youtube today, I did a quick search and haven't seen a post on the Muggy Weld SSF-6. Has anyone tried this on a coupling or spud?
  10. BlackNotch

    Objectionable Reactions to Homebrewing

    Yep, those wings are nasty, I'll go to drink beer and watch a game, not eat. The commercial was funny, get a sense of humor.
  11. BlackNotch

    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Keith, my spices were about the same ratio, except for the cloves. I would look at Walmart or Target for the spices, bet they're cheaper that any LHBS. Or just add clove to McCormicks pumpkin pie spice, which is cinn, allspice, ginger, & nutmeg.
  12. BlackNotch

    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Nice! "Richard, this is your dad.......Talk to ya later bub, bye". Pumpkin beer is my faaaavorite!
  13. BlackNotch

    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Yeah, like Pumkin Creme Brûlée :-)
  14. BlackNotch

    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Just got done brewing this, house smells great! Everything went well, hit my targets, but I think some if the brown sugar got burned on my element. I used Panela, South American Brown Sugar, and its very hard like a brick, so Im thinking a couple chunks hit it. Went with Wlp028 for my yeast...
  15. BlackNotch

    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Just ordered my grains for this, went with WLP028 for my yeast, can't wait!
  16. BlackNotch

    Interested in an Electric Kettle Set Up? Come on in....

    That sucks for your business. What about putting the coupling on there, and not specifying what it's intended to be used for?
  17. BlackNotch

    Interested in an Electric Kettle Set Up? Come on in....

    Nice! Will there be an option on the coupling placement?
  18. BlackNotch

    New System: BCS HERMS

    Wow, that is one of the coolest setups I've seen. You better patent this before Blichmann steals it to replace the Top Tier, lol! If you don't mind me asking, what was total cost of the stand?
  19. BlackNotch

    My new Kal clone...Almost there!

    You suck, now I have to rewrite my list to Santa!
  20. BlackNotch

    My Electric conversion (Brewmation)

    Hey, sorry about that, just cleared the inbox. I brewed with it 3 weeks ago, I love it, just wish I had more time to brew. Everything is set on a Gorilla Rack, with the hlt gravity fed to a cooler, one pump for recirc and the cfc. I haven't noticed anything that I would have done different yet.