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  1. dyetube

    Question about priming sugar for bottling.

    My question is, I don't know how much beer I have in my primary fermentor. I lost some do to a flub in racking the beer to the fermentor and have extracted quit a bit for some testing purposes. I think I have around 3 gallons but no way to tell. I have a whole bag of priming sugar designed...
  2. dyetube

    Curiousness about my Pliny clone kit

    I bought a Pliny the Elder kit from about 2 weeks ago (They claim it is the official recipe given to them by Vinnie @ RR) and it's sitting in the primary dry hopping right now. Once fermentation slowed, I sampled the beer (while taking a hydrometer reading and adding the dry hops)...
  3. dyetube

    Just took a gravity reading and sampled my Pliny clone

    So, I just took a FG reading of 1.015 of my Pliny the Elder clone (OG being 1.085). It's still fermenting but the fermentation has slowed down enough on this day (day 4) of fermentation that I wanted to see where it was at, plus I wanted to go ahead and add the hops so they'd be in the beer...
  4. dyetube

    Here's the breakdown of my brewday last friday.

    Here's my Pliny cone brewday: Cleaned plastic bucket with soap and rinsed then filled with 5 gallons of water and added starsan to water. Cleaned brewing utensils (hydrometer, plastic kettle spoon) and put them into starsan water Cleaned 3 gallon kettle with soap and sanitized with...
  5. dyetube

    Should I double or triple pitch a 1.085 OG batch?

    I have an Pliny clone that I pitched the Wyeast (American) - 1056 liquid smack pack in. I was reading the Wyeast FAQ ( and it says for beers at or above 1.085 OG, you should triple pitch yeast. Should I get two more smack...
  6. dyetube

    Brewed a Pliny The Elder clone

    So my roommate and I brewed the official Pliny the Elder kit from tonight. I haven't brewed in over 7 years and there was a LOT of trub in the brew kettle once the wort was cooled to 70° (this kit has a ton of hop additions). So, I goofed and thought I should try and strain this...
  7. dyetube

    Didi my wyeast smack pack get broke during transit?

    It looks like my smack pack is slightly swelled and I cannot seem to find the vial to break. Did it get broken during transit and if so, is it still usable? See picture below:
  8. dyetube

    Brewing extract with a 3 gallon brew kettle.

    I haven't brewed in around 8 years and have only ever brewed 3 batches of beer. I purchased the official Pliny the Younger clone ( from but I am going to be using a 3 gallon brew kettle. Should...
  9. dyetube

    dry hopping with pellets

    I was wondering, has anyone dry hopped with pellets and not used a hopsack or something similar? I really wasn't thinking about the hopsacks when I bought the pellets (and I shoulda bought the whole hops instead). With my work schedule I cannot get to the brew store until next saturday and my...
  10. dyetube

    Help with my OG

    Ok so I went to the brewstore to start another brew and asked the store guy for some suggesdtions on a bold hoppy ipa and he recommended this: Stone IPA Recipe ::: Brew365 - Homebrewing Recipes and Articles I replaced one of the centennials with amarillo hops for the dry hopping and I used...
  11. dyetube

    hefewiezen slow to start fermentation.

    I know this has probably been answered in some form or another but I searched and didn't see this type of answer. It's been 24 hours since I pitched the yeast in my hefewiezen with no activity. Should I try to rouse the yeast by swirling the fermenter? I used a wyeast liquid yeast but did not...