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  1. nickhead

    Mild carbonation formed in primary!??

    I left Ed Wort's Apfelwein in primary for about 1.5 - 2 months and when I bottled it, it already was slightly carbonated. What's that all about? Ever see that before? Should I be afraid of bottle-bombs?
  2. nickhead

    Skanky Fruit in Primary - Should I remove it?

    Hey guys - I've been experimenting a bit with fruit lately. I recently brewed Ed Wort's Apfelwein and really appreciated its simplicity and economical price. Naturally, some crazy variations ensued. One variation, which i'm calling grapewein, is the same exact concoction Ed Wort masterminded...
  3. nickhead

    Cheapest Extract Recipes (not from kit)

    Hey guys - can anyone suggest a super-cheap Extract recipe that still tastes great? Other than Ed Wort's Apfelwein, what are my options? I'd like to stay away from kits and just pick up the ingredients at my local homebrew supplier. Or - if anyone has any cheap suggestions along the lines of...
  4. nickhead

    What's up with the bottle brush?

    Hey guys - do you use a bottle brush? Or maybe a bottle washer instead? If you do use a bottle brush, do you do so w/ plain water or sanitizer? I'm getting ready to bottle my first batch. Any other bottle cleaning tips? Thanks
  5. nickhead

    When do I add maltodextrin? I think i missed the boat...

    So i thought that maltodextrin was some type of bottling / conditioning sugar. Looks like i was wrong. When was I supposed to add it? During the boil? I didn't add it, and I guess was supposed to. Should i add it to the secondary now??? Is there any way to fix this one? Or am I better off to...
  6. nickhead

    Can I add specialty grains to make this recipe better?

    I'm about to go get the ingredients for a creme ale. My question is: Can I add specialty grains w/ this recipe to spice it up? Can I substitute specialty grains for some of the LME or DME? If so, which would you suggest? The recipe is... 3.3 lbs. Liquid Light Extract 2.00 lbs. Dry Light...
  7. nickhead

    Does it hurt to leave in primary longer?

    Hey guys - my local brewing supplies place is totally out of carboys and have been pretty crappy w/ getting new ones. I have 3 batches brewing in primary, but only 2 carboys. My question is, does it hurt to leave the brew in the primary for longer than normal (the recipe calls for a week)...
  8. nickhead

    Broken bag while steeping grains :( any effects?

    Hey guys - Last night when I was steeping my grains the bag broke and all of the grains went this way and that. I strained the grains out and moved forward to boil the hops and what not. It seemed as if this wouldn't be too terrible of a problem... but the beer looks pretty ugly and I didn't...
  9. nickhead

    Hydrometer - I think I get it... but why?

    Hey guys, I think I understand the concept of the hydrometer / gravity readings (to gauge alcohol content). What I don't understand is... I take a reading before I pitch the yeast. I take a reading a couple times maybe during the fermentation process... but why? If I find that the...
  10. nickhead

    I think I messed up my first brew - what do you think?

    Hello everyone. My name is Nick and I am new to this forum (and home brewing in general). Firstly, let me say that I love beer and am excited to create such a wonderful thing in my own home. Last Friday I purchased everything I'd need to brew my first batch. Naturally, alcohol was...