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  1. GoNova

    Coconut Addition---would this work?

    After having an amazing coconut porter recently, I have been trying to read up on the best way to add coconut to beer. Trader Joes sells roasted coconut chips. What do you think? Any other ideas you guys have that have...
  2. GoNova

    Will this cheap 3500 watt induction burner work?

    ***UPDATE*** I appreciate all the posts to this thread. I decided to move to induction brewing and haven't looked back. IT IS AWESOME. Use the link below for details and pictures. I hope this is helpful to those interested in making the switch...
  3. GoNova

    New Club in Philadelphia (Main Line)

    There are several great clubs in Philly and suburbs. But none convenient to the Main Line. So, we started one! Our next meeting in Thursday. All are welcome. Even members of other clubs (I'm also a member of the Stoney Creek club). :mug:
  4. GoNova

    Need a temperature controller

    Looking to buy a temperature controller for my (chest freezer) fermentation chamber if anyone has one they are looking to unload. I have a Johnson controller for my keezer and like it. But would consider other brands too. Thanks!:mug:
  5. GoNova

    Freezer to Keezer / Kegerator Build

    I just finished converting my chest freezer into a keezer / kegerator. Here are some pictures of the finished project. I'll post some more of the step-by-step procedure soon. Note that I am NOT very handy. But it still turned out pretty darn nice. With a bit of motivation anyone can build this...
  6. GoNova

    Keezer build -- how big should I drill my holes??

    Hey Guys, I'm in the process of building a keezer. I'm using a wooden collar and having the faucets come out the front. My shanks are 15/16" in diameter. I'm wondering if I should drill my holes so that the shanks fit really tight, or drill larger holes and insulate the shank. I'm worried...
  7. GoNova

    Lost hop bag in keg (does it matter)?

    I suspect I should just leave the 2oz of hops in the muslin bag at the bottom of my full keg since the beer is carbed rather than try and fish it out. Right? :o
  8. GoNova

    How to blend beers (post carbonation)

    Guys, I would like to blend two very similar beers to free up a keg. I have about 1/4 of a keg of each and both are fully carbonated. Is it ok to simply rack one into the other? I thought I read on here once that we should avoid racking carbonated beer. Cheers! :mug:
  9. GoNova

    Refurbished Cornies - Philly Area

    In case anyone is interested in some really nice looking corny kegs for a good price ($30 per).
  10. GoNova

    Can I get a blow off?

    I was reading in another thread that "most batches with a healthy fermentation need more than 6.5 gallons of space." I've been brewing for several years now, lots of brews, and have never even come close to a blow off. I'm jealous. So I guess my question is, what causes a vigorous...
  11. GoNova

    MLT (cooler) heat loss issue

    Guys, Just finished my DIY MLT (rock on flyguy :rockin:). My issue is that I am losing much more heat in my 10 gallon rubbermaid cooler than I anticipated. I did a dry run tonight with these (disappointing) results: Started with 3 gallons of practice strike water at 162 degrees (I'm making...
  12. GoNova

    do hot break and hops affect OG?

    I never filter/strain my wort before going into the fermenter. I always worry that my OG is affected (i.e., reads higher) because it has all the hot break and hop reside floating around. Is this the case? Would my OG be lower if I filtered all all that out?
  13. GoNova

    Yeast Starter Problem

    I made up my yeast starter on Saturday as normal (1 1/4 cup DME plus 1 liter of water boiled for 20 minutes, cooled to 75 degrees, pitched #WLP002 yeast in growler and covered the top with aluminum foil and rubber band). Today is Wednesday and I have seen absolutely no signs of activity. I can...
  14. GoNova

    HELP! There are hops in my IPA!

    I made the mistake of dry hopping by simply dumping my hops into my secondary (no muslin bag) assuming that cold crashing before kegging would leave the hop residue at the bottom of the carboy. :o Now the beer tastes GREAT. But there are visible hop particles floating in each glass of beer I...
  15. GoNova

    Bad yeast? Need advice please.

    Received my pacman yeast on Tuesday. Smacked it immediately. 5 hours later, the package had not swollen a bit. Still decided to go ahead with my starter. Now, over 24 hours after I pitched the yeast, there is no sign of activity. Anyone else ever had this issue? How long do I wait until I...
  16. GoNova

    Beer and Personality

    Below is an interesting empirical study that identifies personality traits related various types of beer types/brands. Some conclusions about craft beer drinkers.... 1. We are more likely to spend time thinking about beer rather than work. 2. We have a lower sense of responsibility—we don't...
  17. GoNova

    How did I over-shoot OG??

    First time this has ever happened to me. OG for my Blue Balls Wit was supposed to be 1.038, but turned out to be 1.05. How with this affect the final product? Higher ABV? Any adverse effects (I don't necesasrily consider higher ABV a bad thing :cross:. Thanks guys.
  18. GoNova

    Overcarb problem

    I've kegged two batches and have had the same problem with both. I initially set the pressure to about 30 psi to force carb. After a couple of days, I purge the keg and then turn down the pressure to 10psi. However, when I come back later, the pressure has creeped back up to 30psi or beyond. It...
  19. GoNova

    Consistantly fast fermentation

    On all beer I have made thus far (extract, partial mash, and on Friday, my first all grain batch :ban:) all my fermentation action is virtually over in 24-48 hours. I realize that just b/c the bubbles in the airlock are gone doesn't mean fermentation is totally finished. I always get a krausen...
  20. GoNova

    Another reason to hate Budweiser

    This is disgraceful.... How InBev Is Abusing Agencies With Its Payment Terms VIEWPOINT: Not Paying Bills, Looking to Others to Finance Operations Is Simply Wrong Posted by Steve McKee on 05.05.09 @ 05:43 PM When Belgian brewer InBev bought venerable beer-maker Anheuser-Busch last...