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  1. cbg96

    A Few Pics

    Just thought I'd share...: First up, my clean yeasties. Let me show you them. Another look. This is from a Wyeast 1056 smack pack cake. More in a second... :D
  2. cbg96

    Things I Have Learned From HBT

    Two batches in, a lot of review of this board, advice from good folks, and whatnot. The main points - some maybe a little redundant - I'm coming away with right now are: 1) Patience is a definite virtue. With beer, the passage of time is your friend. This applies to both fermenting and...
  3. cbg96

    Curse of the Bottle Bomb

    So, I'm upstairs peacefully reading the paper when from downstairs there comes a muffled "thump." "My, what might that be," SWMBO and I wonder. She goes down to check - hey, I'm drinking coffee...I'm busy - and first place she looks is the unplugged freezer where the bottles are. Sure enough...
  4. cbg96

    FG to ABV conversion question

    I looked around, got stumped in part because I didn't have all the info the various calculators needed, so here I am once again begging for mercy and guidance from Those Who Know Better. I got a brand spanking new hydrometer last weekend. My second batch - Mystery Hops - is about ready to...
  5. cbg96

    Mystery Hops Identification Thread

    Yes indeed. PLEASE can you wise folks give me some guidance on what these are. Cut one open, and the aroma very much will fill a room. Put a bit in your mouth and the bitterness will stick with you for a long time. Help a poor noob figure out the ID :drunk: Most of the cones are...
  6. cbg96

    Carbonation question - is this normal or time to worry?

    Alrighty, so... I've waited patiently on my first batch for a little over two weeks now. I used Karo corn syrup, 3/4 cup dissolved into just-prior-to-boiling water which was then cooled down to about 80 or 70 degrees. I then racked onto this and stirred it up being careful to both mix...
  7. cbg96

    Second run at a label

    Second label coincidentally enough for the second batch ever. :ban: Thoughts and comment and razzing are appreciated...:
  8. cbg96

    Wet (as in fresh) hops to dry conversion?

    I've got the Mystery Hops Vine in the back. Pretty sure it's Millenium or Nugget based on cone, leaf, and way big bitterness. Anyhow... The vine's relatively small (but give it time) and I harvested a gallon zip lock freezer bag chock full of cones. I did NOT dry them first, I just picked...
  9. cbg96

    Aquarium hydrometer?

    So, I'm a cheap bastard and I know it. I've been working on compiling equipment for the home brew operation and all and trying to do it as lowball as possible - partly for the fun of the challenge to see what I can get away with, partly to avoid nasty SWMBO Fallout due to money spent on...
  10. cbg96

    Lame-o first run at a label

    Bottled it this afternoon, first batch ever. SEEMS like it's going to turn out okay if an initial taste of flat, green beer is any indication - and assuming I didn't contaminate the hell out of it when bottling. Anyhow - comments are welcome...
  11. cbg96

    Making Up A Recipe - Think it will suck or no?

    I posted this in General discussion which was probably the wrong spot as it is a recipe question. Sort of. I'm thinking REAL seriously about just throwing together a 5 gallon batch using my own homegrown hops which I THINK are Millenium. I'm intending to use an ale yeast and go with about 5...
  12. cbg96

    Making up a recipe - sound good or nasty?

    Yet another throw out thread to the wiser heads. I'm going to bottle a recipe-followed IPA this weekend. First ever batch, things seem to be going well, yay me. I'm thinking I'm inclined to turn right around and try another batch but this time just make up a very, very basic recipe. I've...
  13. cbg96

    Fining question

    Hey smart people - Rookie batch here, an IPA that seems to be progressing well. I really want to get this thing as clear as possible. I've scanned through some of the threads and so am pretty interested in the gelatin technique. My equipment, etc, is pretty limited though, so some...
  14. cbg96

    Good source for bottles

    Hey all - This is my first post, and also my first attempt at homebrew. So far so good and the stuff (IPA) is in the carboy fizzing away. Now I need bottles. I'm interested in the idea of reusable PET bottles, although a good source of glass will do. Short of scrounging up empties, do...