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  1. ButchTN

    Just some advice

    This is the from a thread I started last week in a panic: I brewed an BB American Brown Ale kit on 11-14-8. We used a White labs yeast and I made a starter a few days earlier. It only fermented (bubbled) in my airlock for maybe 24 hours. Original grav was on the money at 1.06, but my final...
  2. ButchTN

    Need a quick answer

    Sorry gents I need a quick answer because I have all my stuff sanatized to keg right now and I pulled a noob move and didnt take a gravity until I did all the cleaning work. I brewed an BB American Brown Ale kit on 11-14-8. We used a White labs yeast and I made a starter a few days earlier...
  3. ButchTN

    Clean Feed Wheat...can I use it?

    This may be an overly stooopid question, but I have some (like 250 lbs) of clean feed wheat left over from planting our dove field. We would have used it completely, but whatever hurricane/tropical storm that blew threw our area around September 1st put a halt to our planting. I've only done...
  4. ButchTN

    My first yeast starter

    Actually this time I didn't succumb to the "post first, search later" phenomenon. I actually spent 20 minutes or so searching for my answer before I posted this and didn't exactly find what I was searching for. I made my first yeast starter last night and put an airlock on it. It's definately...
  5. ButchTN

    BB Robust Porter...problem?

    One of my last 3 extract kits before I try all grain. Brewed it yesterday following all the directions and was extremely sanitary. The only thing I did differently was I used a White Labs "California Ale" liquid yeast instead of the included Muntons because I had a problem with the Muntons once...
  6. ButchTN


    Sorry folks I don't know if this needs to be in the Kegging Forum or not. Our first attempt at kegging was actually our third brew overall so forgive my nubieness. We chose to keg an American Cream Ale. Nothing too fancy just a simple little extract kit. I've had it under 10 psi for a week...
  7. ButchTN

    Moisture in Kegerator?

    Well, it's not a kegerator yet, but I have the chest style freezer (8.? cubic feet, Whirlpool). I had to get it cause the swmbo wanted the corny out of the regular fridge, and I got a good deal. I hooked up the temp controller and everything works fine, but I have quite a bit of moisture...
  8. ButchTN

    CO2 Tank question

    Just purchased a filled CO2 tank. The tank was prefilled and was outside in a covered yard with other types of gas tanks. I wanted a clean one so the guy and I walked outside for me to decide and I picked a bright shiny new one. I was wondering why he didn't bring it back inside with us, so I...
  9. ButchTN

    First time kegging in 2 hours, last minute questions.

    As the title says we will put our first beer (American Cream Ale) in to a corny in about 2 hours. We just got a C02 tank, but no lines to hook it up yet. Do we (can we) just put the sugar in just like we were bottling? Also, do I have this correct, we don't use the bottling sugar if we...
  10. ButchTN

    Victoria Bitter

    Ok my friends...I'm pretty much a nub to this site and to brewing, but I've enjoyed both tremendously. One of my best buds, an Aussie tennis coach at our local university, keeps raving about this piss water called Victoria Bitter. Does anyone have a recipe that come close to this? I'm gonna need...
  11. ButchTN

    Wort Chiller question

    I made a wort chiller from the easily bendable 1/2 inch copper tubing. At the very bottom of the coil did some soldering with non lead silver solder and whatever flux it said to use. I had some burned flux residue which I cleaned off using an SOS pad. It may not work, but it looks awesome and my...