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  1. buckeye

    bottled first batch of EdWort's apfelwein

    I just did my my first batch about a week ago. I can't wait to bottle and give it a whirl. I'm going to carbonate most of it but bottle some with priming sugar. oh 5 more weeks til I can even bottle the stuff then 3 weeks for carb. I'm gonna go crazy:mug:
  2. buckeye

    How cold should my homebrew fridge be?

    Thanks for all the great replies and opinions! I had mine at 38. I let mine warm up to 40. I just wanted to be able to appreciate the work and sweat. I also wanted to be able to taste the flavors and aromas. Thank you all
  3. buckeye

    How cold should my homebrew fridge be?

    I am getting ready to refrig my latest brew and while it is very good. I'd like to what temp it should be served. Its a red ale but I'm also looking for a good general temp to keep the fridge at.
  4. buckeye

    Cracked bottle

    and risk glass in the stomach? I love beer but NOT that much!:drunk:
  5. buckeye

    Austin Homebew Free shipping coupons

    PM sent Bokonon!
  6. buckeye

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Sounds like a great idea! I am getting ready to give it my first go and would like to have all the mistakes out of the way before I get started.:ban:
  7. buckeye

    Need your opinion on a brewpub idea.

    You know what? You only live once and you need to enjoy it! Go for it! It sounds like you have a level head on your shoulders and have put some thought into this. It is better to try and fail than to say "What if" Brew on!
  8. buckeye

    Took inventory tonight....

    I just went to the LHBS and picked about 18 bottles from the pick your own cart. They have a broken 6pack cart and you can buy them individually. I picked up 9 new ones (got doubles) to keep me and the gf on our toes with sampling. We are really enjoying the brewing and trying all the great ones...
  9. buckeye

    Anyone Got a Thanksgiving Day Brew?

    I have a Cranberry Ale that will be ready. I think it will turn out good. Guess I'll have to wait til turkey day to check.
  10. buckeye

    Coopers Real Ale with Orange? Need Advice

    OK we have decided to add some cranberry flavor to it since it will be drank around thanksgiving. If were to add some type of cranberry concentrate(frozen juice like?) How much would I add for 5 gallons? We have had and liked alot of the fruit flavored brews offered at the LHBS and would...
  11. buckeye

    Coopers Real Ale with Orange? Need Advice

    If I was going to try this orange concentrate idea. How much would I use for a 5 gal batch?
  12. buckeye

    Coopers Real Ale with Orange? Need Advice

    I brewed up a 5 gal batch of Coopers Real Ale, brown and white sugar and the yeast that came with the Coopers. This is only my second brew, first being a Mr Beer Kit. I'd like to add some orange to it but not sure what kind or how much. It is almost ready to bottle for carbing. Ferm is done...
  13. buckeye

    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    I am waiting on a 6 gal brew pack to come. I am still using my MRB keg. Should I grab a 5 gal water jug to ferment the other half ? I am not able to buy a big kit just yet and got a heck of a deal on the 6gal pack.
  14. buckeye

    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    Well I am about to polish off the last of my first by the book brew. I found this site and have been brainstorming ever since! Thanks to all those who lend their experience here! I read all 73 pages of this thread and made a nice list of things I need to do or watch for on the next batch. I...