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  1. Mitch529

    North Coast Old Stock Ale Clone - Help

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this recipe and/or if anyone can comment on how close it is to the original. Had a pack of these with some friends and they are begging me to brew it! I'm still a newb at 5 batches so I am always leery of these recipes I cannot find any reviews on. I...
  2. Mitch529

    DIY Sight Glass Help

    I ordered the weldless fitting pictured below... I am wondering if I can find some parts at Home Depot or Lowes to incorporate a Tee fitting and use a racking cane as a sight tube coming up from the Tee. What kind of fitting would I need to secure a racking cane into the top of a Tee...
  3. Mitch529

    New brewer, Full Boil + Other Misc. Questions

    Warning: This will be somewhat long & detailed, cliff notes at end! So n00b here long time lurker, new poster/brewer. I brewed my first batches a couple weeks ago after tons of research. (Phat tyre clone & Apfelwein) Just racked the Phat tyre to secondary and got a taste it was pretty good...
  4. Mitch529

    New Labels

    Figured I would share my new label design, still need to work up a neck label but here is the body label for apfelwein. My fiance came up with the "Princess Potion" for the apfelwein, we thought it was perfect so the name stuck :ban: Mitch