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  1. BPhad

    NHC 2014 - Looking for extra ticket to Brewery Vivant Rare Beer & Food Experience Wed

    NHC 2014 - Looking for extra ticket to Brewery Vivant Rare Beer & Food Experience Wednesday night Please PM me. If you have one you will not use, I will purchase from you. Have some friends going, but I was too late to get a ticket. Thanks, Brian
  2. BPhad

    NHC 2014- Grand Rapids Who's going?

    I'm going, helping out my buddy Rex Slagel give a seminar on brew in a bag. Also fortunate enough to have two beers make it to final round! Would be great to get a medal Saturday night.
  3. BPhad

    8 beers you should stop drinking immediately

    Sorry Revvy, I saw your name in the article, but didn't take the time to read all 13 pages of this thread!
  4. BPhad

    8 beers you should stop drinking immediately

    this person took the time to talk to people in the brewing industry and pretty much debunk the entire article
  5. BPhad

    Need help - got 2 pin lock kegs, no idea!

    I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to thank all for posting on it, I just took my pin locks apart for the first time today. Couldn't have done it without this info!
  6. BPhad

    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

    Winner please
  7. BPhad

    Festbier BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG)

    I'm sure when I made this last year, I did 21 days primary then into Keg. I was best at about 3-4 weeks in Keg, but still good right away. I used the PacMan yeast last year, but planning on using Cali Lager this year.
  8. BPhad

    How long in Primary with Irish Red?

    Dude I hate to say this but autolysis is real, I just had two brews I let go 4 plus weeks turn out bad from it. Get it off the yeast if you can.
  9. BPhad

    BIAB Brewing (with pics)

    I figure my best option is to secure the bag with something on the outside somewhere close to the top, and to make a koozy container with the reflexiv I have laying around. Cover the top with aluminum foil and you can wrap it around the clips to make sure heat stays in, then cover with your...
  10. BPhad

    Winter Seasonal Beer Holly (Christmas Ale)

    What would you say is the base style of this beer? Amber Ale?
  11. BPhad

    New Homebrew Shop in Plainfield,IL - Chicago Brew Werks

    Just wanted to post that the shop has moved into central Plainfield and will now have a tasting bar and nano brewery as well as supplies Grand Opening today
  12. BPhad

    2013 NHC first round results?

    Anyone from Milwaukee seen a place on a scoresheet yet? Just wondering (hoping) maybe they left them off so we would have to wait until May 4th?
  13. BPhad

    BIAB Brewing (with pics)

    That's awesome , can this be purchased from someone?
  14. BPhad

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewing a Classic Wit this weekend Getting starter ready tonight
  15. BPhad

    BIAB Brewing (with pics)

    Warm wash and rinse. You could even just run it thru with water just to rinse out the sugars. I only use about a tablespoon of oxy.
  16. BPhad

    BIAB Brewing (with pics)

    +1 for wilserbrewer bags. I'm on at least 25 uses and no issues. I just rinse out grain then run thru gentle cycle with a scoop of oxyclean after every use. I can't see why it wouldn't last indefinitely.
  17. BPhad

    Photos and Insider's Look at a Beer Competition

    Cool Write up I had a few beers in and took a couple of 3rd places , in fact one in the California Common category! I've put beers in 3 competitions now and find the feedback to be interesting. Sometimes the same beer (from same batch) can get scores that are 5-10 points different from comp...
  18. BPhad

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewing a MaiBock tomorrow , should be ready for May if it ever warms up
  19. BPhad

    Help with my Mash, please?

    Sent before I was done But yes just split it up then combine in fermenter, it will work fine.