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  1. VanHolton

    Any Mpls brewers have Simcoe?

    I'd be most grateful to any Minneapolis brewers willing to sell or trade me 2 oz of Simcoe. Any takers? Thanks!!
  2. VanHolton

    One for all you web developers...

    I fun beer I just made: Ruby On Ale
  3. VanHolton

    Seasonal rise of my Cellar Temperature

    Last fall, I started cellaring a few beers. I have a couple really nice stouts, some barleywine, and a keg of imperial stout I brewed at the beginning of September. Now that summer is upon us, I'm noticing my cellar temperature getting up to 65. I'm not sure how much further up it will go, but...
  4. VanHolton

    Ruby Red Ale (please check my hops)

    Hi All, I'm making a Ruby Red Ale, and I want to get a hop profile approaching the IPA realm. Something big in the nose, flavorful, and pleasantly bitter (although that's quite subjective:)) Not too much, but maybe in the area of 50 IBU. Here's my grain bill 80% Efficiency 9 lbs 2 Row 2...
  5. VanHolton

    Went to Old Chicago today. Guess the 'Micro of the Month'.

    Bud Light Lime. Someone doesn't know what micro means. Good pizza though.
  6. VanHolton

    Which temp would you choose?

    I brewed a brown ale this weekend and I'm wondering what would be best for fermentation. I'm using US-05 and active fermentation has already begun. I can keep it where ambient temps hold steady at 52F or I can keep it where it will fluctuate from 66 to 60 depending on whether it's day or night...
  7. VanHolton

    How long will this take to absorb?

    I filled a keg damn full. So full I'm afraid I may be above the gas in tube. I hit it with 30 psi to seat the lid, then removed the gas line and put the keg in the fridge. How long will it take for that CO2 to be absorbed to the point where pressure in the keg is below 10psi? Will that even...
  8. VanHolton

    Starsan foam prevents me from knowing keg fill level

    I searched but couldn't find anything... I may have over filled a keg for the first time. I sadly had to leave about a pint behind in the fermenter as well. I sanitize my kegs with starsan, but the foam keeps me from knowing where the liquid level is. What do you guys do to prevent this?
  9. VanHolton

    A proud moment

    I tasted hydrometer samples of my two latest brews this afternoon, and I'm more impressed than I've ever been with my brewing! The first sample was my most recent. A pale ale brewed last Friday based on Edwort's Haus Pale recipe. My changes were Amarillo instead of Cascade, and C60 instead...
  10. VanHolton

    Surly Darkness Day 2010

    I just got home from Darkness Day. Freaking awesome!! I got there at about ten after eight in the morning (doors open at noon) and there was already a line around 500 people long!! Some folks even camped out with RVs or tents the night before. I was impressed by the beer culture as I waited...
  11. VanHolton

    East Anglian Pale Ale Malt

    or British Pale Ale malts from East Anglia. Anyone know what this might be? It's listed as an ingredient in Brooklyn's East India Pale Ale. I want to clone this beer, and I've emailed the brewer for some tips. If I hear anything, I'll update. Thanks
  12. VanHolton

    Underpitched. Is it too late to add more?

    About 15 hours ago, I pitched one vial of White Labs WLP099 super high gravity yeast into 5 gallons of 1.093 wort. I didn't have time to make a starter as this was a re-pitch. I have some time today to go get another vial, but is it worth it? When are most of the esters created that are caused...
  13. VanHolton

    Anyone hop the top-off water?

    I usually do full boils, but today I was boiling two batches at the same time. I did partial boil india brown ale and whilst boiling that, I boiled the top-off water with an oz of Columbus. I didn't do any bittering additions and my hydrometer sample at the end of the day was pretty damn bitter...
  14. VanHolton

    Need some math help quick. I'm mid-brew

    I've got 3.25 gal of 1.043 preboil wort boiling now and planning on topping off with 2 gal water. How much DME should I add to end up with 5 gal in the area of 1.055? Thanks in advance!!
  15. VanHolton

    In the Partigyle Spirit... Please critique

    So Zymugy has inspired me again. This seems to happen every two months or so.... I'm going to brew two beers with one grain bill. An imperial stout, and a hopped up porter. My 1st runnings will be the imperial stout, and the sum of my double batch sparge will be the porter. Here's the...
  16. VanHolton

    Who cares if head retention sucks?

    Part for discussion, part for my own education, what's the big deal with head retention? If you make a delicious beer that doesn't retain it's head, have you done something wrong? I understand that one of the hallmarks of a well made beer is that it retains a nice layer of foam down to the...
  17. VanHolton

    My Rye IPA Recipe: Please evaluate/comment

    This is my first try formulating a recipe of my own. Please let me know what you think in terms of balance or anything, really. Rye IPA Est efficiency 70% OG 1.067 FG 1.015 ABV 6.8% 67 IBU 22 degrees Lovibond (is this correct for my malt bill?) 9.5 lbs 2 row 2 lbs Rye 1 lb...
  18. VanHolton

    Question about sparge hop addition

    There's a delicious looking CDA recipe in the new issue of Zymurgy and it calls for 4.25oz of Columbus during the sparge. If I'm batch sparging, I'm guessing I won't get decent utilization vs fly sparging, but I don't have the equipment to fly sparge. Is there a work around, or should I just let...
  19. VanHolton

    Stupid Kegging Mistake. Can it be saved?

    I brewed an amber ale that was just okay. I had it kegged for a while and about halfway through the keg I decided to dry hop it to see if I could liven it up a bit. Well here's where I went wrong: no hop ball, or bag. Just threw the pellets into the keg.... Well now, as anyone with any foresight...
  20. VanHolton

    Really good conversion eff., really bad lauter eff.

    Reading through some posts recently by The Pol and Kaiser about separating conversion and lauter efficiencies, I thought I'd give it a shot to start troubleshooting my efficiency problems. Yesterday I brewed an imperial brown and had 99.6% conversion efficiency (based on Kaiser's spreadsheet)...