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  1. Cascadian

    Three Floyds Brewery

    Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I visited my brother in Chicago and Saturday we ventured into Indiana to visit the Three Floyds Brewery. I highly recommend checking them out if you get the chance. Nice people, simply amazing beer, and a great vision. Many breweries make good beer -- but 3F's...
  2. Cascadian

    American Honey

    Anyone tried this bourbon and honey based liqueur? I bought some on impulse, and not being particularly fond of it, except maybe as a digestif, I've started experimenting. Simple deliciousness: 1-2 shots (depending on personal taste) of American Honey Pint of carbonated apfelwein The honey...
  3. Cascadian

    Attack of the Elephant Farts

    I started my first batch of Apfelwein while here at school. It was in my dorm room closet. My room is essentially a concrete box with a window at about 3.5 ft. So, I assume, the air beneath the window was displaced entirely by CO2. My roommate's bed is low enough where he sleeps below the window...
  4. Cascadian

    Apfelwein Bread

    I just made two simple french loaves using the yeast cake from my Apfelwein. I used a slurry based on the remains after racking as a substitute for the water called for in the recipe. The whole house smells like apple, and I got a wonderful rise while in the oven. Has a nice hint of apple to...
  5. Cascadian

    Apfelwein cut with Kefir

    Deliciously tart, highly alcoholic, a clean finish, and probiotic! If any of you also make kefir, give it a shot. I do 1 part kefir to 2 parts apfelwein.
  6. Cascadian

    Hydrometer breakage

    I broke my first hydrometer today. Why am I so dumb? I was pulling it from a soak of tubing, thief, auto siphon, etc and a tube caught. Slipped and poof, little black pellets everywhere. :( Maybe I could snab a new one and some miscellaneous gear from craigslist... Could use a new propane...
  7. Cascadian

    Rapid airlock activity at 3 weeks

    I have a batch of Apfelwein which is at the 3 week and 1 day mark in primary. The airlock activity seemed to die down about a week ago, so I opened it up to take a gravity reading, which was sitting right around 1.002. Now it is bubbling quite rapidly -- at least once every 10 seconds. I'm...
  8. Cascadian

    Cold crash in primary?

    I have a centennial blonde in primary on its 8th day. The yeast has settled quite a bit, but there is still a significant haze. A flashlight shinning from the top down reaches through about 1/2 of the carboy. At this point would cold crashing it in primary be a good idea? I was thinking of cold...
  9. Cascadian

    Apfelwein Juice? $1/half gallon

    For those of you in Washington, QFC is selling Mott's apple juice for $1 per half gallon when you buy 3 jugs or more. Cheap Apfelwein!
  10. Cascadian

    Pseudo-wild yeast?

    I have a starter that has been growing from the montrachet yeast I used in my Apfelwein. I was using some tree top apple juice to grow it. By accident, I left the jug of extra apple juice out over night in my fermentation room. Now it's bubbling madly and already gives a good buzz. Something...
  11. Cascadian

    First brew, hot break/sediment issue?

    I just did my first beer, am extract version of BM's centennial blonde. I am afraid that when I was siphoning the hot wort into my CFC, I got too much of the hot break/sediment. The liquid in my carboy is a dark tan color and completely clouded. I'll update on how it looks once things settle in...
  12. Cascadian

    Starter ready too soon

    Should I just stick it in the fridge? When I need it (2-3 days), should I bring it out a day before, let it come to room temperature, and then feed it a bit? (Ie do a mini step up) I don't want to keep stepping it up over 2-3 days because it's already at 2/3 gallon in size and the batch is...
  13. Cascadian

    Stopper size for tree top juice

    Does anyone know what size stopper fits in the top of a tree top apple juice one gallon bottle? (the kind you can get at costco) I want to use some of these bottles as yeast growers and test fermenters.
  14. Cascadian

    Centennial Blonde, wait for CFC?

    I plan on building a counterflow chiller. I do not personally own a torch, but I have several friends who would let me borrow theirs. Organizing a torch party might take a bit of time. However, I am anxious to get my planned batch of BM's centennial blonde going (extract version). For a 5 gallon...
  15. Cascadian


    Want to help me put together an experimental something? I have an extra bucket with a grommet for an airlock that can probably hold ~3.5-4 gallons with head space. I just did my first brew (Apfelwein). I had about 2 cups of extra juice that didn't fit into the bucket, so I put it in a milk...
  16. Cascadian

    Suppose I...

    managed to get ~1 airlock full of starsan solution into my just pitched (with 75% of the called for yeast) 5 gallon bucket of Apfelwein? Starsan is tastey right? And good for yeasties? :confused: On another note, I over filled the bucket, put the top on, put minimal pressure on it, and...