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  1. Chimney

    Do you crush flaked barley

    Dumb question I know. I've never used this in a recipe and I'm not sure if you mash as is or crush it. Thanks.
  2. Chimney

    Attenuation Problems

    So I've had three high F.G.'s in a row. The first two were partial mash kits that finished about 6 points too high and tasted terribly malty! (yeast was white labs with starters) The third was my first A.G. and like a lot of others I used Ed Wort's H.P.A. It finished at 1.014. Not as bad...
  3. Chimney

    2 Stuck Fermentations??

    So this is getting strange and a bit irritating! Two months ago I made a Porter that was suppost to end up at 1.012 and it stalled at 1.018. After rousing the yeast back into suspension and it doing nothing I decided to take the advice of waiting and repitching onto another yeast cake. The...
  4. Chimney

    Am I stuck?

    On July 31 I brewed a mini mash Brown Porter from AHB. .5 lb. Special B .5 lb. Cara Munich 1.75 lbs. Maris Otter Pale Malt .25 lb. Chocolate Malt .125 lb. Black Patent 6 lbs. Amber LME Brew went fine and my O.G. was 1.052 (recipe says approx. 1.050) Made a starter with WLP023...
  5. Chimney

    Sanyo 4912 (My Dilemma)

    So, I'm gearing up to make my kegorator and found what seems to be a good deal...but wondering if I have other options. I've found a 4912 at B.B. for $104.00 They've actually been using it for customer drinks for a year or two and it has a small scratch on the front (all things considered...
  6. Chimney

    Clinging Yeast? (pics)

    AHS Brown Porter Mini Mash kit. It's been fermenting for 7 days after a 36 hour lag after pitching WLP 023 Burton Ale Yeast. It's still fermenting lightly. In the last few days it's developed the haze that you can see on the wall of the carboy. Am I correct in assuming that it's just yeast...
  7. Chimney

    AHB Brown Porter

    Has anyone tryed the Brown Porter extract kit from AHB? None of their kits list DME as an ingredient. Do they not contain any? (I need some for my starter...might just have to buy some xtra light DME) Anyone ever get the alcohol boost? Is it worth it? Does it change flavor?
  8. Chimney

    Reduction of Priming Sugar

    Somehow, someway I've ended up with only 3.5 gallons after transferring to secondary. I think it's a combination of my 5 gal. mark on my primary carboy possibly being wrong and not wanting to grab any sediment while racking, thus leaving a good bit in the primary. This is my first brew so this...
  9. Chimney

    Pulling sample for hydrometer?

    In the middle of my first batch and was it o.k. to tilt the carboy (as gently as possible) to retrieve a sample with a turkey baster, given that it's not long enough to do it upright?
  10. Chimney

    Iodophor info and test

    I came across this article and found it very informative. Most vets probably already know of it, but good info for the newbs (myself included).
  11. Chimney

    Transfer to primary without filtering?

    I attempted my first batch last night and all went well. The only thing I didn't do was to filter the wort as I poured into the primary. I tryed to leave as much sediment in the brewpot as I could but most of it was suspended in the wort. Will this be a problem or should I not worry?