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  1. Riko

    Head smells bad, beer tastes OK

    About six weeks ago I brewed the "Dirty Water Brown" nut brown recipe in Jamil's "Brewing Classic Styles" book. I'd brewed it once before and was happy with the results, so I decided to do it again. When I went to pour my first glass out of the keg, I noticed an off aroma that was bad enough...
  2. Riko

    Substituting light DME for English Pale Ale LME?

    I want to brew the West Coast Blaster recipe in "Brewing Classic Styles" and have a question about substituting dried malt extract for the liquid malt extract that the recipe calls for. The recipe calls for English Pale Ale LME and Munich LME. I have a bunch of light DME and am wondering if...
  3. Riko

    Questions about first imperial stout

    I've been homebrewing for about 9 months. I don't have a secondary, just the primary. For my latest batch, my 7th overall, I made an imperial stout. It's my first stout and, probably more importantly, my first imperial. The recipe called for 11 pounds of light DME plus 2.5 pounds of steeping...
  4. Riko

    Dry hopping - is this normal?

    Newbie here, brewing my second-ever batch, and I have some questions about dry-hopping, which I'm doing for the first time. I brewed the beer eight days ago and it began fermenting in less than 16 hours. Six days after brew day, the bubbling in the carboy had gone from a peak of a bubble...