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  1. nystevecf

    Fireball Mead

    Scratches head, wasnt there a thread on this? I can not seem to find it anywhere.
  2. nystevecf

    keg not carbing?

    Ok guys I have had the system for over a year and never had an issue with something not carbing. But recently my apfelwein and IPA will not carb up. They will foam like all hell when I pour but it seems like little to none is actually penetrating the beer or apfelwein. Any ideas oh kegging...
  3. nystevecf

    WTF, Apfelwein keg carb. question.

    I have kegged at least 6 batches without issue. This time I decide to add 2 cans of concentrate at kegging time to get it sweeter, and after at least 2 weeks being under 20psi I have a little foam when it comes out but none in the apfelwein. What gives apfelwein gurus? Too hard to carbonate with...
  4. nystevecf

    Bread, cinnamon rolls, and popovers.

    A little food porn for everyone that didnt eat yet.
  5. nystevecf

    Guinea hen house build

    My buddies hen house, or a brew house for a midget, or do they like the term little people now?
  6. nystevecf

    Looking for some suggestions

    I am having a buddy do up some glasses and bottles, this is the idea so far. Minus the blue color, it was darker but saved over lighter. Any other ideas aside from the oval?
  7. nystevecf

    Burner experts

    Well burner gurus I need some help. This is my home stove and from day one it burnt a dirty flame (I know, I know, I should have fixed it sooner). I am attaching some pictures to help illustrate my problem. I have tried adjusting the screw inside the first picture im posting and it didnt...
  8. nystevecf

    Cleaning rubber keg handles

    Anyone have a good solution, they are the blue ones. They just look like they had been sitting in a wearhouse for years. Maybe submerge in oxyclean? You guys always have good tips and tricks so I figured I would ask before filling up the sink with oxy. Thanks in advance.
  9. nystevecf

    apfelwein,bulk aging, and oxidation...

    So if I bulk age should I worry and would minimizing headspace help?
  10. nystevecf

    Immersion Chiller Question

    I know it is a bad idea to mix metals for this so my question is this, would the copper ground wire in electrical be safe to use in keeping the coils stiff?
  11. nystevecf

    Calling all SR English teachers

    Anyone that is an English teacher that has 10 min and would like to get $25.00 paypald to them let me know. Just some puncuation stuff...... (no Microsoft word won't pick it up)
  12. nystevecf

    What makes one tower better then another?

    Aside from insulation and finish is there any reason to buy one type over another? I got two Perlick taps and initally was going to put a collar around my freezer and mount them that way but I am also a stainless whore and think I would rather have a tower now. :) Just looking for the pros and...
  13. nystevecf

    Apfelwein sour?

    Ok I know it's early but I figured it would be carbed so I tried a glass. Here is the problem, I tried it when it was still and it was great. A few weeks later in a keg and now it is carbed but tastes sour, is this normal and it will pass or did I screw something up? I dont know if it is...
  14. nystevecf

    Perlick tap question

    I know you guys say they are great so I ordered a set and 4" shanks for the keggerator. My question is this what the hell connects the two? I checked different places to see if they sell a seperate piece that joins them but have come up empty. And I know they dont just join end to end. Thanks...
  15. nystevecf

    Fruit Flys and Home Brew

    Dear Diary, Day 1-I dont like fruit flys. Day 2-I hate these damn things! Day 3-Their troops have doubled. Theses ****ers are worse then rabbits. They have even started using my own weapons against me. I set up fly catchers and I could swear this AM the little bastards moved one as I was...
  16. nystevecf

    NYC Brewfest 9/12/08

    Just wondering if anyone was going, me and a couple buddies will be there. I think the tickets were like $50.00 but it should be good. If anyone wants to meet up pm me and I will shoot ya my cell.
  17. nystevecf

    Help please - [white or opaque film]

    The how F..... am I thread. Did a pumpkin wheat a few weeks ago (with canned pumpkin). Racked it and added cinnamon,all-spice, and nutmeg.(let it sit another 2wks)and was getting ready to bottle when I notice a white or opaque film starting to cover the top. Figured I would wait and ask you guys...