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    Preventing excess exposure to O2 during secondary with small batches

    I have a number of carboys filled with 2-3 gallons in primary fermentation (I split up my wort to try different yeast). I have two converted freezers (with love controllers) for fermentation and clearing. I would like to rack for secondary fermentation, but I am concerned about exposure to...
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    Love Controllers on Sale ($41.65) until Oct. 31 @ Cole-Parmer

    All Cole-Parmer products are on sale until the end of the month (10/31). You get 15% off when you enter the promotion code, see the details here. This reduces the price of the Love Controller to 41.65. I'm disappointed that they don't sell the two-state controllers and that I already bought...
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    All Electric Brewing System with Steam

    So I have been thinking about an all electric brewing system for a long time now. I am looking to brew 5-10 gallon batches with this system. I have a space in my garage that has access to a 240V 50 Amp receptacle and a 120V 15amp receptacle (another 120V 15 ammp receptacle is close and will...