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    Putting together Picobrew IPA Recipe

    Already bought my ingredients, just need to build the specifics. I'm looking for a tropical/citrus aroma, with a mild bitterness. I'm thinking something like a SN Tropical Torpedo. Grain - 7 lbs rahr 2 row 0.5 Crystal 10-15 1.5 marris otter A little acid malt Water - RO+gypsum and calcium (I...
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    Session IPA Recipe - Thoughts?

    I brewed the following in a Zymatic the other day. I just wanted to try something different. The Hallertau, Goldings and yeast were already on hand, and the Amarillo was an impulse buy at the LHBS. I also just kind of wanted to play around and see what this combo tasted like. :) If you...
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    Doing taxes...1099-C awww crap...

    So just got down to doing my taxes, and noticed the amount of debt discharged on this 1099-c for my old house. This isn't going to be fun.
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    Dark Strong Honey Ale

    This is a 3-gallon Recipe for a Belgian Dark Strong Ale that will use some local honey instead of candi sugar. The honey will make up 17% of the fermentables. OG - 1.080 IBU - 25.1 SRM - 21.1 Least sure of this number with the honey. ABV - 9.5% Grain Bill - 6 lb Pale Malt 0.5 lb...
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    IPA on nitro...

    The local brew pub (SLO Brew) has their IPA available both regular, and on nitrogen. I've really been digging the version on nitro even though I'm not a huge fan of it served normally. Does anybody else have a beer they only like on nitro?
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    Why is there 10/6 on Lagunitas glasses?

    I understand the "3.14..." and the "420", but what is the reasoning on the 10/6 in the middle? I've always wondered and hope someone here knows why.
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    Thoughts on my First IIPA Recipe

    I'm planning on brewing my first IIPA tomorrow, which I am hoping will be similar to Ruination. I'm shooting for the low-end of ABV for the style, and trying to get a good amount of IBUs from late additions. The only hops I have on hand are Magnum and Centennial, although I could always pick...
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    Going to do my first AG tomorrow - ESB recipe

    First recipe I'm doing AG, and figured I'd keep it fairly simple. I figured a nice ESB would be a good way to start. Any critiques would be appreciated. I will not be buying any ingredients until tomorrow, so there is plenty of time to make adjustments. As for yeast, I'll likely use...