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  1. Z

    Rims for boil kettle?

    Good point on reusing the rims element and clogging the pump. Interesting to think of turning it portable. I guess the hermocouple wouldn't be necessary since you're overdriving it for the boil anyways. I've got lots to learn about pumps too. Have had two chuggers in a box, and need to get...
  2. Z

    Rims for boil kettle?

    Dumb question - is it possible to use a RIMS tube for boiling wort? I'd like to go electric, but keep it as simple as possible. If I could eliminate all the heating hardware from the brew kettle, it'd save a few hundred $. My concern was not getting a vigorous boil in the kettle, but just in the...
  3. Z

    Chugger March Madness Promo

    I was looking at the compact pump, but with this, how could you go wrong? I was only going to get one, but decided to get 2 to future proof it and make a 1 tier instead of a 2 tier. Ordered 2 yesterday, and got the tracking info email that it shipped today! Can't wait. Time to search the...
  4. Z

    Cheap compact wort pump

    If these are brushless DC motors, you may need more than changing the voltage to reduce the rotor speed. Anyone try it yet? Brushless DC electric motor (BLDC motors, BL motors) also known as electronically commutated motors (ECMs...
  5. Z

    Marbles as a Mash Filter

    It does seem like a cleanup pain, but you could use magnetic stainless (martensitic or ferritic) for the marbles, and empty the mashtun over a large magnet bar to catch the marbles, like a pavement sweeper. Or attach a steel plate to the bottom of the kettle so the marbles "stick" when you flip...
  6. Z

    removable conical insert for flat bottom fermenters

    Good points about the wort fermenting under the cone. Forgot about that! This would be for my free furnace tank fermenter conversion (, which is an 18" diameter tank, with the spherical top cut off. The furnace...
  7. Z

    1.5" Sanitary diaphragm valves FS

    Still got them? Let me know. I just sent a PM.
  8. Z

    removable conical insert for flat bottom fermenters

    Has anyone tried a cone insert in their non-conical fermenters? If one were to fabricate a 60 degree cone to put inside the fermenter, would the yeast settle out in the cone, and let you dump the trub with the bottom valve to clear the beer and make an easy secondary? This could turn the Sankey...
  9. Z

    Z28tt's DIY Stainless Fermenter from Furnace

    I wonder if I could spray on a dry film lubricant (non-stick teflon?) surface to the bottom, and allow the yeast to slide better. MSC has bondable teflon sheets, but I'm not getting the 2'x2' sheet for $100. Another option could be a cone insert in the tank? ID of the tank is 18". If I fabbed...
  10. Z

    Z28tt's DIY Stainless Fermenter from Furnace

    It looks like all the parts are stainless - tank, burn chamber, and hx tube. The tank is magnetic, so I'm assuming the less expensive 400 series stainless, or work hardened 304. We'll see how far I get trying to roll a flange with my Harbor Freight tube beader set. It says 18ga for mild...
  11. Z

    Z28tt's DIY Stainless Fermenter from Furnace

    My folks just had their natural gas furnace replaced. The old Lennox HM30 (hardly old, just 10 years!) had a 32 gallon stainless steel tank. Perfect for a DIY stainless fermenter! Naturally, I asked to keep it. Yesterday I picked it up, and stripped it down. There's good foam insulation...
  12. Z

    100QT & 180QT Stock Pot Bulk Buy

    I'm still in! If there's any way to get these pots closer to ct, I appreciate it! Can't wait to go electric and ten gallon batches. Andris
  13. Z

    100QT & 180QT Stock Pot Bulk Buy

    If there enough for the second pallet for New England, I'd be glad to have it come here to Farmington, CT, if it's closer for some folks.
  14. Z

    100QT & 180QT Stock Pot Bulk Buy

    I'd like to change my order from 2 100's to 8 (yup!) 80 quart rivetted kettles, and figure out how to get them to Hartford, CT. Wolfhausen83 - Can we coordinate pickup/delivery for CT? Maybe we've got enough for a pallet here to Hartford. If you're driving down, I'll chip in fuel.
  15. Z

    100QT & 180QT Stock Pot Bulk Buy

    Are there pics or specs (dimensions) online? I didn't see anything at
  16. Z

    100QT & 180QT Stock Pot Bulk Buy

    Count me in for two 100qt kettles. If I can fit a few in a Cessna172, I might fly down, or see about having it shipped to Hartford, CT. If anyone else from this area is in, maybe we could combine it. Thanks!!!
  17. Z

    lager starter and old liquid yeast

    I decided to make a Yuengling clone this weekend, and picked up the ingredients at the LHBS. The Wyeast 2035 American Lager was from August, so they gave me two, free (and sold me a 2001 Pils Urquell as a backup). Going by NB's yeast starter instructions, they recommended 3/4 cup of DME in...
  18. Z

    Electric vs. Propane Brewing

    Reviving a dead thread... How did you get 30,708 BTUs needed for heating 13 gallons of wort? What I came up with is 13 gallons of water * 8.345 lbs/gal = 108.5 lbs 212-60=152 degF temp rise 108.5 * 152 = 16492 BTUs I realize wort is heavier than water, but not that much, or am I...
  19. Z

    Stalled fermentation?

    I'm in the same boat. Made an extract irish clone batch 20 days ago, and the initial fermentation kicked off fine. I used about 45 sec of 02 through an airstone, but didn't shake (this was my first time using an 02 setup). Fermentation was going strong the next morning before work... Never got...