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  1. redneckbeagle

    Long Secondary's?

    I have a stout I am wanting to leave alone for a couple months. Are there any issues with long secondary's?
  2. redneckbeagle

    Cultured Yeast Question?

    I cultured some yeast off of a batch of Hefe I did and am wanted to see if it is still viable and make a starter. Do I use the clear portion or the thick portion in the bottom?
  3. redneckbeagle

    Where is best US Oktoberfest?

    Ok guys I have been to the real deal, but this crappy economy will not allow that this year!!!! Where is some of the best US locations for domestic Oktoberfest festivities? Where it be? :ban::ban:
  4. redneckbeagle

    Augustiner in VEGAS?

    Does anybody know where I can pick up some Augustiner in Las Vegas?:mug:
  5. redneckbeagle

    How to pick a category for your beer?

    I have taken a traditional recipe, used non traditional hops, Ale yeast instead of Lagering, and dry hopped that is not traditional to the style. How do I pick a category to enter it in for a competition? Once I did a way, way, way BIG Northern Brown Ale. It was definitely to high in...
  6. redneckbeagle

    Looking for dry hopping techniques?

    Hop bag or not? Crush or not? Leaf hops instead of Pellets? Before or after racking? Weight in the hop bag or just let it float around? I know all may be possible, but looking for a consensus?
  7. redneckbeagle

    Best Place to buy Bulk Grains?

    Need some suggestions on the best places to buy Bulk Grain?
  8. redneckbeagle

    Should I switch to Blow Off Tube?

    I have a beer blowing (ooooooozing) up thru the air lock. Should I change to a Blowoff tube? Would that just be an opportunity to introduce an infection?
  9. redneckbeagle

    Has anyone used second runnings?

    Has anyone used the second running's to make a weaker, lighter beer? I know why would you want to do that!!!! Just thinking of making a lighter beer with the second running's to keep me from drinking the good stuff before it is ready. I have no patience!!!!:drunk:
  10. redneckbeagle

    Stir Bar material?

    Can the Stir Bar for the Stir Plate be Stainless Steel square stock or Stainless Steel Round bar? I have access to both or should I buy a manufactured Stir Bar?
  11. redneckbeagle

    Can you switch out Pin Lock Post with Ball Lock Posts?

    I have access to some real cheap Pin Lock kegs , but I currently have all Ball Locks. Can you switch out Pin Lock Posts with Ball Lock Posts?
  12. redneckbeagle

    Has anyone used Rahr Pilsner.....

    Has anyone used Rahr Pilsner and if so where you happy with it?
  13. redneckbeagle

    Can leaving Beer in Primary too Long have ill affects?

    Can leaving beer in the primary too Long have ill affects on the beer? I normally let it ferment out and sometimes I will leave it for an extra 3 - 6 weeks on the primary. I have not noticed any ill affects, but a friend tells me he always racks to a secondary after 5 to 7 days in the primary...
  14. redneckbeagle

    Adding Coffee to the secondary, what is best method?

    In a secondary, I plan on adding some coffee to a robust porter. Should I just pitch the whole beans, crush them, cold brew it or hot brew it chill and add? Any opinions/suggestions/comments would be appreciated.
  15. redneckbeagle

    Does everyone always break down your corney's or....

    Does everyone break down their Corney's and clean and sanitize them each time? or Do you just run cleaner and sanitizer thru them and reuse?
  16. redneckbeagle

    Need Help on Recipe suggestions?

    I have several ounces (6 ounces) EK Goldings hops and am looking for the to utilize them. I have made a Northern Brown Ale. Any suggestions?
  17. redneckbeagle

    How Long can Wort set before pitching Yeast?

    I brewed Sunday and my Wyeast smack pack did not expand. I even tried to add some wort after chilling and it still did nothing. After letting it set in a growler with an air lock overnight, still nothing. It was dead as dead can be! It will be tonight before I can get back to the local...
  18. redneckbeagle

    How many Bushel's to make 5 Gallon Batch?

    How many Bushel's of Apples to make 5 Gallon Batch?
  19. redneckbeagle

    What process does everyone use when transfering from Carboy to Keg?

    I have heard several processes of getting beer from the Carboy to the Keg. From just using an autosiphon to using Co2 to force the wort into the keg. If using the Co2, do you have the keg lid on and force it thru the in or out, or just run it into the open lid onto a blanket of Co2...