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    Bells yeast underattenuation

    I just brewed a hoppy amber ale: 9.5 lb Vienna 1 lb Crystal 40 1 lb Munich 1/2 lb Biscuit Mashed at 155* for nearly an hour. Mashout was a little long (maybe half an hour?). Hopped with Centennial and Ahtanum to 40 IBU. OG: 1.064 I used the Bells yeast strain, which I washed from...
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    BMJ links cancer to alcohol consumption

    So I see that there is a very similar thread running around right now, but I just saw BMJ's article linking alcohol consumption so some cancers in western Europe. I think the tagline is: This seems to be a respected, peer-reviewed medical journal. Why haven't we learned that CORRELATION...
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    Yeast for Scottish Wee Heavy

    My brew buddy and I are about to order ingredients for a Scotch Wee Heavy. We're going to do a partial mash and aim for an OG around 1.080. Having never brewed this before, and only had a couple commercial examples, I'm wondering how big an impact yeast choice will have. I have some washed...