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  1. cowstick

    Homebrew Supply Websites

    MOD EDIT: Post merged from another thread. Hopefully you find your answer above. Im wondering what websites brewers are using. I want to look at my other options. Other than Northern Brewer and Midwest I haven't seen any other sites. Can my fellow brewers help me out?
  2. cowstick

    Need help converting recipe from PM to AG

    I read that wrong. Yea divide by .75 to get the conversion.
  3. cowstick

    Advice for partial-mash stout

    I like to use Fuggle as my hop, it works very well with the roasted barley. Also I use choco wheat. Here is the recipe that I use. 4 lbs Golden Promise 1 lbs Roasted Barley .5 lbs Chocolate Wheat .5 lbs Flaked Barley 3 lbs Light DME 1 oz. Kent Golding 60 min 1 oz Fuggle 5 min S-04 yeast I...
  4. cowstick

    Need help converting recipe from PM to AG

    So through research and trial and error I have found this method works best for me. Take your DME lbs and divide by .67 and that will equal the amount of base grains to use. So your 3.75 lbs of DME will come to 5.6 lbs of base grain. Some one correct me if im wrong please.
  5. cowstick

    A partial Mash Day with Pictures

    Menards has a greater selection of coolers. For my HLT I just use my 5 gal pot that I already had. Also I put my runnings into my BK. Its a beast to lift when I have it full though.
  6. cowstick

    Basement bar build! DIALUP WARNING (many pics)

    Ive got that same Home Theater System. Its amazing just amazing.
  7. cowstick

    Starter equipment kit recommendations?

    Just get the biggest Rubbermaid storage bin you can find. Hell it doesnt have to be rubbermaid just water tight anything will do really. +1 on more carboys 6.5 gals.
  8. cowstick

    Fermentation Chamber

    Check this out. It also Doubles as furniture. Fermentation Chiller
  9. cowstick

    What styles can you not drink?

    I really dont like Lagers. I just never have. The only time I drink a BMC is when the Minnesota Vikings score a touchdown, at which point the entire house hold shot guns a beer. I havent found a wheat(pauliner, oberon, shocktop, Bluemoon) that I have liked. But thats not going to stop me from...
  10. cowstick

    Has this ever happened to you and am I a beer snob?

    Man I haven't been to an Applebee's in at least 10 years I just dont like corporate diners. But then again I am blessed to live where I do. Cause the customer base wants the good decent beers not that BMC shizz. Like last night I went to Gumpy's They have about 10 taps and not one of them is a...
  11. cowstick

    Avoiding the bananas...

    I kinda skimmed over what you wrote the first time. I think if you keep it in the water it should still stay a little cooler than the ambient air. Leave a fan on it to keep the cooler air blowing on it.
  12. cowstick

    Avoiding the bananas...

    The Banana flavor you are talking about is a characteristic of Belgiun yeast strains. If you can put your fermenter in the bath tub or utillity sink and fill it with water it should keep the temps down. Add some ice before you leave
  13. cowstick

    Yet another MLT build thread

    So it worked out very well. Grain bed set nicely, manifold stayed in place. Im gonna have to work on my vorlauf.
  14. cowstick

    Need deal on turker fryer and pot...

    check out your local asian markets you can usually get them fairly cheap at those places
  15. cowstick

    Yet another MLT build thread

    It also adds another place to drain out wort. So if you look at Palmers book and check out the flow rates it equals out where the wort is being drained off so theres less pull on the grain bed.
  16. cowstick

    Yet another MLT build thread

    I did it that way so I could get the wort in the drain channel no other reason but that.
  17. cowstick

    Yet another MLT build thread

    It took about 2.5 hours to build. I didnt have a good quality wire/tin snips so I had to use a small pair of wire cutters. I was going off of palmers water flow guide. I wanted to get the best water flow that I could and didnt want to drill or cut a bunch of holes in some copper.
  18. cowstick

    Yet another MLT build thread

    I just tested with water. It stayed on the bottom. But that was with no stirring. I wont be giving it a proper test for another 2 weeks, Ive got an IPA rolling in my carboy I have to wait till thats done. Ill let you know how it works out.
  19. cowstick

    Yet another MLT build thread

    This is my MLT there are many like it but this one is mine. Here is my ball valve setup only I did use the gromet that came with the cooler. In this order. Parts list goes like this. 1/2 in to 1/2 in male barb Ball Valve 7/8 in washer O ring 1/2 by 2 inch nipple (he he) Cooler Gromet...
  20. cowstick

    Cutting hole in side of Refrigerator?

    and easy way to check out where the lines are is to take a corn starch and rubbing alcohol slurry and paint it on where you want to drill. where it dries faster is where the lines are. Then drill your hole and wipe it off.