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    Fresh HOPS

    Have a cascade hops plant and are ready for harvest. Can I freeze them if not using immediately? Dry them first? Use right away fresh? Aroma, bittering, or flavor better with fresh hops? Thanks in advance for the advice.
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    Back at it after 5 years

    Hello all! Glad to be back. After many life changes it is time for me to get back into brewing! It's been 5 years since I've brewed and am looking for some advice on what to start back up with. Here are some information about my equipment: Looking to brew this Sunday and have no...
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    Homebrew Stores (Near Mundelein, IL)

    Anyone know of any?! Would much appreciate it, moving this weekend!
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    Cranberry Beer?

    I'd like to make a cranberry flavored beer that is not a lambic. I also cannot mash as i dont have the equipment for AG, just a glorified extract brewer with steeping and such. any ideas?
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    I am a Master's of Architecture graduate come May 16. I am in desperate need of a job in the Madison-Milwaukee-Chicago area. If anyone on here knows of a job or has connections to a firm please let me know, I have been trying real hard to find a job in my career and am having a very hard...
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    My eventual wife is looking for an architecture job in Chicago or Milwaukee metro areas. She has almost 1 year of experience, knows Revit very well. She worked for Crate & Barrel designing their stores and graduated with her undergraduate degree in 2007 from UW-Milwaukee. Can anyone help...
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    Beer has been elevated too.....

    Beer and the president: A new political reality? -- read this link and you will c
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    Rant on Economic Stimulus

    CNN recently released a list of much of the Senate's cuts from the stimulus bill to cut there proposed bill from 900 billion to 780 billion. I understand many of the cuts, yet a few seems necessary for the "stimulus" part to work. • $3.5 billion for energy-efficient federal buildings...
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    1 year

    On Valentine's Day....that will be my 1 year anniversary....of my first brew day. what ought i do?
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    I need....

    I need people to give me a propane tank, a burner, a large pot, a mash paddle..... ok just kidding, but i wish that i could afford to go AG or at least get the kegerator i want. Such is college life, at least I can do extract and perfect that, and drink much better beer than my...
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    Champaign, IL -9 degrees today. -32 w/ windchill currently BLAST THAT IS COLD! and I can feel it all over! Guess ill warm myself up with a brew
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    Brew Day!

    Today we are brewing. Me, my buddy (who is on this forum as mnadamn), and our PROBIE! who is making an account with the forum name: GingerBuddha. We are brewing a scotch ale, while drinking Dundee Brewing beers today. My buds are from Milwaukee, and we wanted a more local or St. Louis brews...
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    Apfelwein OG

    I used EdWort's recipe and figured that apple juice would be about 1.040 i was wondering what the 2lbs of dextrose would make the OG i forgot to take an OG reading. my FG was .997
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    wanting to make a small expansion

    i am in college and hardly afford much, but as a hobby i enjoy brewing very much, was wondering where i could get some info for cheap equipment. Id be looking for a couple of carboy's and air locks, a SS pot for wort brewing as well as other necessities. If anyone knows where i can get cheap...
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    bottle carbing

    so i racked about 4 weeks ago, no carbination. think i didnt get enough yeast left in my bottles for the yeast to eat the sugar up. should i uncap and drop a few yeasties from a dry yeast package in each and recap?
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    New Glarus Unplugged Bourbon Barrel Bock

    I know this beer was out 2 years ago and likely will not be produced again, but does anyone by chance know where it is still available in wisconsin? maybe accidentally have a case or a 6er laying around
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    Cranberry Beer

    I am an extract brewer wondering if anyone has a good Cranberry Beer recipe! Thanks! Trying to find something the SWMBO would like that is not a regular beer I looked in the threads and didnt find much info and was wondering if anyone could help me out here
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    Cranberry Wine

    Can i make a cranberry wine with 5 gallons of cranberry concentrate (Ocean's Spray) 2lbs of dextrose and montrachet? would that work?any problems? I searched the forums and did not find much help and was wondering if anyone had any information! thanks! It would be good to know a recipe if that...
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    Honey Brown Ale

    Honey Brown Ale Extract Kit -- Kit Inventory Sheet that is the instructions and inventory of my brew I started it last thursday and when i woke up today the airlock had basically no activity after being active the past 5 days. i know i do not know fermentation really without checking the SG...
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    equation for dinner for2

    [(homeade chicken cordon bleu) + (a small spinach salad) + (boiled red potatoes)] X (a homebrew that the SWMBO enjoys) = a great night! yes...i used math and with it