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    need advise

    First of all, I apologize...I searched and did not find anything that described my situation. Brewed on Sunday (brown ale, 6lb LME, 2LB DME, and a a little brown sugar)). I pitched a smack pack (directly, without starter, probably dumb). It is now Tuesday afternoon and absolutely no action in...
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    steeping grains...bag ripped

    Hello, I am brewing LME with steeping grains and during the steeping process, the bag ripped. i went ahead and steeped them without the bag for 30 mins, but after that the grains just had to boil along with everything else . Is this a problem? Does it cause any flavor change? Thx!
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    adding citrus flavor

    Making a Weiss and want to add some citrus flavor. Would lemon zest be the right way to go or do you guys have some other ideas? Thanks
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    gravity question

    My original gravity was 1.68 and I just took a final before bottling and it was about 1.30. I used 5.5 pounds of LME and 2 pounds of DME (both amber). I used 2 full packs of basic Mutons dry yeast. 1 and a half weeks in primary and 3 weeks in secondary. The beer smelled and tasted good at...
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    is this normal?

    Hi Guys, My brew has been in the secondary for about 3 weeks. I want to bottle tomorrow and I took a peek at it tonight and saw some "suds" at the top. Not a lot, but it looks like a beer at about 2 minutes after being poured. Is this normal or is it a sign of something else? Thx Grizz
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    Basic hydrometer confusion

    I just transfered to the secondary and took a reading an I made the mistake of reading the "potential alcohol content". I am concerned about the gravity at this point. The starting was about 1.66 and as I looked around the whole hydrometer (all scales) it didn't look like it moved all that much...
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    keeping ferm temp consistant in winter

    hi all, I searched and found a couple of things but thought I would ask directly. Pardon my impatience. I live in Colorado and my basement temp is sitting around 60 degrees. I am afraid it will get even colder when winter really settles in. Obviously, I need to raise that fermentation...
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    Recipe forms?

    Hi All, Trying to develop some recipes and when writing them down, things get a little scattered. I know I can get pretty cheap software, But was wondering if there is a downloadable PDF form or something that can help me keep track of recipes. Maybe something I can keep in a binder for...
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    First now second brew...

    Hi guys, I have just tasted my first homebrew and what a sweet sound it was when I opened the bottle and heard that great sound fffsssttt( best I could do). I was proud, proud that I didn't screw something up and happy that I think I have found a hobby that could last a long while. Now, I...
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    Question and recipe advice

    Hello, I am pretty new to home brewing and am currently a extract with some steeping grains recipe man. I love porter but I also love a hoppy beer. My question is: Is it possible to combine those 2 loves into one brew? Would I just add more hops? If so, what hops would you recommend? Any...
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    hydrometer reading during fermentation

    Hi All, I read this forum daily now and kudos to all of you who have patience with us newbies and our somewhat newbie questions at times. Anyway, I brewed on saturday and my fermentation seemed to be going strong for about the first 2 days and it has tailed off quite a bit (if not stopped)...
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    First brew possible mistakes, thoughts?

    Hi All, This forum is outstanding and thanks to all for helping us beginners out. Anyway, I brewed my first yesterday (basic autumn amber kit from Midwest) and everything went pretty smooth. Although a few, hopefully minor mistakes. I put an unsanitized thermometer in the wort for a brief...
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    Outdoor burner?

    Hi all, Can someone fill me in on what type of burner to boil outside or in my garage? How many BTU's are needed? I have an electric stove with not a lot of headroom for a large brew pot, so I'm thinking this is the way to go (and cheaper). any other tips would be appreciated THX!
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    shelf time?

    hi all, I recently bought a new brewing kit and LME extract kit through Midwest. I had some things come up and could not make time to brew the kit. My question is: Is the LME kit still going to be OK if it sits on the shelf for a few weeks until I have time to do it? This is unusual timing...
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    hop shortage question

    Sorry if this was in another thread. Is the hop shortage affecting your home brewing? I keep seeing all these warnings on the various vendor websites and they are limiting the amount to be purchased. I am pretty new and before I make this a serious hobby, I would like to know if it will...
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    new to brewing...all this math

    Hello all, I am new to this brewing thing and am wondering how much I need to know and memorize about things such as: IBU, wort volume, ABV, Gravities, attenuation, and stuff like that. Are these things I have to know before or do I learn them gradually after brewing for a while? Thanks...